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Biography of Ray Mesa

With each day I grow up a little more, Wiser in time some would say. These poems, though my curse, are my gifts from all of my failures.

Below are ways to contact me. I truly appreciate compliments or criticism.

(e-mail) In_vain_666@hotmail.com
(Blog) www.Xanga.com/Fake_karma
(Blog) www.myspace.com/Fake_karma

Ray Mesa's Works:

None (yet) But I have been writing stories since I was in 5th grade. Here are the titles of a few

9: 11- A story about my first crush

Nape- Thriller about a straight jacket and a teenage girl

occupet extremum scabies- Demon story about a boy who lost his sister to a STD and loses sanity and goes into a Psych Ward.

SMJ- Cleaver titled story about my life, My ex-girlfriends and the inability to trust

Inhale Flames- A Story about a boy who is dating a drug addicted slutty chick and doesn't want to break up with her.

Necro: Ron Fair, Simple man and simple life but anger and resent get the best of him and he starts hurting people...Inspired by Roadwork by Richard Bachman

A Liveing Nightmare: Aimee Lee,14 year old girl whose father leaves her mom and brother and while the rest of the family goes looking for him. She leaves and ends up in Berwick, Maine. Surprising ending, Sad story.

Circle Shaped Dice:
Paranormal, There is no heaven or hell there is a deep underground world and a higher cliff where people go. (In progress)

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Appropriate For School

I voted for John F. Kennedy
Any Beatles tune is my favorite medley
I’m not scared of dieing
You’ll never see me crying
My lips never lie
My chest never bleeds
I love my life
The earth is my seed

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