Ray Mesa

Rookie (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Ray Mesa Poems

1. Ashlee, Your'Re A Angel 5/8/2006
2. The Cat Shows, The Cat Runs 5/8/2006
3. I Get It And I Quit 5/8/2006
4. First Base On The Dance Floor 5/8/2006
5. Frown Upon Me 5/8/2006
6. Just Like Rain 5/8/2006
7. Rose Oil 5/8/2006
8. God Smiled 5/8/2006
9. Unstable: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
10. Sidewalk Revisited: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
11. Fear Of Waiting: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
12. Signing On The Line 5/8/2006
13. Swing The Rope: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
14. Broken: Treatment Poems Collection 5/8/2006
15. It Bears Repeating/ How To Erase A Emotion 5/8/2006
16. Slow Dancing In Snow 5/8/2006
17. Robin Robbing/ Dispair Despair 5/8/2006
18. Wie Um Eine Leiche Zu Verstecken 5/8/2006
19. Sleepover In The Cemtary! 5/8/2006
20. Your Turn (Hello Amanda Pt.2) 9/13/2006
21. Pill Of Zodiac 9/22/2006
22. Sleeping On The Pier, Wakeing In The Lake 5/8/2006
23. I Saw My Wife Today 5/8/2006
24. You 5/8/2006
25. A.S.H.L.E.E (As She Holds, Little Escapes Escapes) 5/8/2006
26. Open Fire On A Sweet Sixteen Party 5/8/2006
27. The Problem With Breaking Up A China Girl Is The Fact That You See Her Everywhere You Go 5/8/2006
28. Trigger Horny 5/8/2006
29. Head Down 5/8/2006
30. My Confession 5/8/2006
31. Man Without Hands 5/9/2006
32. Ashlee, Read This Before Midnight 5/9/2006
33. Bread Mold (Cold Cillia) 5/10/2006
34. Last Song (Leaning Against The Wall) 5/10/2006
35. Skip, Fall, Repeat 5/10/2006
36. Dear Tomarrow 5/11/2006
37. Screened By Laurel 5/11/2006
38. The Greatest Sound Ever Is Of An Incoming Helicopter 5/14/2006
39. Triple Ex: Sarah 5/14/2006
40. Outloud 5/16/2006

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Best Poem of Ray Mesa

I Fall In Love Way Too Damn Much (Eyes Like Northern Lights)

I know a girl that laughs
And the clouds open
I know a girl that smiles
And makes the moon look like a wet candle
I know a girl that has skin like a ghost
And eyes like the northern lights
I know a girl that has a Shawnee Smith Smile
And lips like Marilyn Monroe

She's none existent
But I dream of her all the time
She's not real
Yet I see her everyday

I fall in love everyday
And it's so surreal
That every word and rhyme
Bring me nothing closer to anyone

I dream of a girl that flies
With golden hair and wings
I dream of a girl ...

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Appropriate For School

I voted for John F. Kennedy
Any Beatles tune is my favorite medley
I’m not scared of dieing
You’ll never see me crying
My lips never lie
My chest never bleeds
I love my life
The earth is my seed

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