Ray Mesa

Rookie (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Ray Mesa Poems

41. March Around Juliet's Bier/ Too Late To Get Into A Rush 5/19/2006
42. Twat 5/23/2006
43. Her Only Clothes, Are The Falling Snow 8/7/2006
44. Tell Your Friend I Was Kidding 8/15/2006
45. Pick Your Poisen 8/15/2006
46. He's Dead Mr.Finch 8/15/2006
47. Spitting Out The Taste 8/15/2006
48. By All Means Write A Title. 8/21/2006
49. Salsa Expections 9/1/2006
50. Raccoon Eyes 11/24/2006
51. Sement 12/8/2006
52. Tears For Beers 6/19/2006
53. The Sky Above Grand Forks 7/12/2006
54. Negative Reaction To A Postive Thing 7/17/2006
55. Kissing With Open Eyes 8/7/2006
56. Becoming A Ghost 8/7/2006
57. Grammarian With Hiccups 12/13/2006
58. Movie Rental 12/17/2006
59. Counting Down From 58275 To 58201 (Unryhmed Version) 12/29/2006
60. Change Your Underpants Son, We Got A Monster To Catch 1/6/2007
61. Fake Snow Hire 1/8/2007
62. There Is A Camera In The Shower So Watch Who You Kiss 1/28/2007
63. Morphine 2/16/2007
64. My Finest Acting Was At Your Wedding. 2/20/2007
65. An Essay: Of Voices That Never Loud Say 9/11/2007
66. Psy 6/3/2008
67. A Box Headed Teenager Talking To A Streetlight 1/22/2009
68. Friday 3/6/2009
69. Prairie: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
70. Collecting Poems After Breaking Up 5/8/2006
71. A Run Through The Jungle Is Nothing Like A Walk Through The Forest 8/7/2006
72. Bury Me, Bury Me 6/19/2006
73. Appropriate For School 5/8/2006
74. America: Ren Necks, White Skin And Blue Eyes 5/8/2006
75. Teenage Immure: Treatment Poems Collection 5/8/2006
76. Life Lessons From The Terminator 2 5/8/2006
77. Typecast 5/9/2006
78. Table With Three Legs 5/10/2006
79. I'M Sorry You'Re Just Not My (Daguerreo) Type 9/5/2007
80. Reflections Of A Busy Street 5/14/2006

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Best Poem of Ray Mesa

I Fall In Love Way Too Damn Much (Eyes Like Northern Lights)

I know a girl that laughs
And the clouds open
I know a girl that smiles
And makes the moon look like a wet candle
I know a girl that has skin like a ghost
And eyes like the northern lights
I know a girl that has a Shawnee Smith Smile
And lips like Marilyn Monroe

She's none existent
But I dream of her all the time
She's not real
Yet I see her everyday

I fall in love everyday
And it's so surreal
That every word and rhyme
Bring me nothing closer to anyone

I dream of a girl that flies
With golden hair and wings
I dream of a girl ...

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I Get It And I Quit

She sticks her chest out
And no one looks
Anything out of her mouth
Is ignored
Every time she wears something new
People call her a whore
They hate her, they hate her
But for some reason
I just keep falling in love with her

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