Ray Subrata Ray

Rookie (27.01.1959 / Nator Bengladesh)

Ray Subrata Ray Poems

41. How Love Is Empathy Turned Being. 1/16/2011
42. How Am I The Total Love? 1/16/2011
43. A Phantom Fancy 1/17/2011
44. Judith, -The Empathy Born Lady, -A Birth Day Tribute 1/17/2011
45. God Controls Us. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
46. Ruins Amidst The Green, -To My Loving Sister Daisy Careon By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
47. You Are No Fallen By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
48. To Pass Through A Contented Gate. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
49. Your Some One. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
50. Unborn, Eternal 1/17/2011
51. Who Am I! Who Am I? By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
52. How Love Is Empathy Turned Being. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
53. Love Floods From Mundane Cup 1/17/2011
54. I Love You By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
55. O Dearest, -My Ocean Tossed Empress. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
56. To A Departed Captain’s Love., -A Gratitude To Nancy. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
57. The Love That You Foster He Would Reap By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
58. My Love’s Garland Round My Lady’s Soul. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
59. Hey Love With You I Am Universe. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
60. The Poison And The Nectar 1/18/2011
61. A Wish Wishes To Wish 1/18/2011
62. The Primary And The Secondary Artist. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
63. The Blooming Of A Soul On Earthly Vase. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
64. Faith Sustains. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
65. Love Is Not A Disease, But Remedy By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
66. What Happens When The Subtle Body Gets Separated From The Gross One? By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
67. To My Loving Darling. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
68. Spirituality Finds Reflection In Science. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
69. Love That Mitigates Hidden Want. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
70. The Hourly Rose By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
71. How We Fall In Love Divine, -A Tribute To My Spiritual Master, -Swami Bhuteshananda Maharaj. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
72. Love’s Agony By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
73. A Lady’s Falling In Love By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
74. With Timeless Sun Upon Timeless Morn. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
75. Love Is A Live-Rebirth By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
76. We Are Image Of God By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
77. In Love Being Finds Stay. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
78. Support 1/18/2011
79. Ornamentation Of My Darling By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
80. A Tribute To Sr Sir Arthur Chapman, On His 105th Birth Anniversary. By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
Best Poem of Ray Subrata Ray

Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go By Ray Subrata

In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
Love in any form is romance,
It is either an intoxication or trance.
When romance says you good bye,
…Love from your life by itself flies..

When I write a poem, -I cry,
I had tried, I failed, I try.
You beauty your hello lips,
Mellow voice, willowing-cave,
Youthful shape, flash in my tape,

When I paint, -the Eye –romance,
The eternity peeps, and dances,
I say, simply, it is a romance.

Shakespeare for the Dark Lady,
Turned romantic and ...

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It Is Not An Easy Thing,

Of falling in Divine.
Yours is a cultivated body,
...That fosters spiritual glow,
And through empathy's link,
That beauty finds flow.

While I honor you,
And show you my gratitude,
In you I share my godly food.

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