Ray Subrata Ray

Rookie (27.01.1959 / Nator Bengladesh)

Ray Subrata Ray Poems

121. My Beauteous Empress By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
122. A Lady’s Response To Her Lover’s Letter By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
123. A Propose By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
124. Acting Victimizes By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
125. In Naught’s Garden By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
126. You A Bubble Born. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
127. Phantom Shadows In Phantom-Land By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
128. The Vanished Mirage. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
129. Love Is Coverage Of Limitations By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
130. The Unquenched Love. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
131. Wanna Goanna Abstract Rolls By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
132. Blood Test By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
133. Probability Fosters By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
134. Link Fails By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
135. One Eyed Man. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
136. There Is A Sun In Us By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
137. Bewitching Mystic By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
138. A Token Of New-Years Gift, -To Jihan Aure. 1/16/2011
139. A Gossip By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
140. The Two’s Equal Is The Mystery. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
141. How I Proved Myself A Thief To My Lady, By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
142. Christ The King Of All Kings Is Coming. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
143. In My Broken Cottage I Feel. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
144. Survivals Of The Fittest! By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
145. Futile Enterprise 1/17/2011
146. Beauty Finds Truth In Beauty 1/16/2011
147. The Island Sailor 1/17/2011
148. I Love You 1/16/2011
149. I Am Fallen, 1/16/2011
150. In So Many Faces I Seek Love. 1/16/2011
151. In Memoriam Of 150th Birth Anniversary Of Swami Vivekananda. 1/16/2011
152. Madness In Love. 1/16/2011
153. My Love’s Garland Round My Lady’s Soul. 1/16/2011
154. Rose 1/16/2011
155. In My Being You Grow Oh My Love. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
156. Work Is Worship Comes As Prize. By Ray Subrata 1/19/2011
157. For Our Love, -Phoenixes Had Several Births. By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011
158. Acceptance’s Prize By Ray Subrata 1/18/2011
159. Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go By Ray Subrata 1/17/2011

Comments about Ray Subrata Ray

  • Sharon Corr Sharon Corr (11/20/2015 12:25:00 AM)

    The Divine All Knowing Eye

    Love is everywhere in the air
    Dancing dancing without a care
    You whisper in the waves a prayer

    Sands of time, spectral divine
    A rainbow lights across the sky
    In the sparks of blue lights high
    He shares.

    The time passages of time
    From the bleu angels sublime
    Dolphins dancing in springtime
    In the misty air cerise maritime

    As the rains of change bring us
    Closer to the heart of Gods trust
    Words are blank in this realm
    As the master poet is at the helm

    I bow to your honour my friend
    Let the world rejoice in you again
    Life gives and takes away blithely
    Your grace shall live infinitely

    Penned for you my new old friend
    Subrata Ray for all the wonderful
    Things you do and say, it is a miracle
    Of love that has arrived my way.

    Namaste Sharon

    11/18/15 5: 57 PM

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  • Ray Subrata Ray Ray Subrata Ray (5/15/2013 4:03:00 AM)

    Global poet -Subrata Ray has word-wide contributions on the different branches of English poetry. He has published more than 1600 poems in the prestigious sites as Poetry.com, American poems.com, Poem hunter, Facebook, and many other sites of the global net.

  • Ray Subrata Ray Ray Subrata Ray (1/21/2011 9:40:00 AM)

    I thank my all readers who have inspired me in writing my poems.

Best Poem of Ray Subrata Ray

Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go By Ray Subrata

In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
Love in any form is romance,
It is either an intoxication or trance.
When romance says you good bye,
…Love from your life by itself flies..

When I write a poem, -I cry,
I had tried, I failed, I try.
You beauty your hello lips,
Mellow voice, willowing-cave,
Youthful shape, flash in my tape,

When I paint, -the Eye –romance,
The eternity peeps, and dances,
I say, simply, it is a romance.

Shakespeare for the Dark Lady,
Turned romantic and ...

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It Is Not An Easy Thing,

Of falling in Divine.
Yours is a cultivated body,
...That fosters spiritual glow,
And through empathy's link,
That beauty finds flow.

While I honor you,
And show you my gratitude,
In you I share my godly food.

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