Raynette Eitel

Biography of Raynette Eitel

Raynette Eitel grew up in the Southwest, knowing she was a poet as soon as she could spell. She left New Mexico upon her marriage and moved to Colorado Springs where she was wife, mother, and later, teacher. She is retired now and living in Las Vegas where she writes and has given workshops in poetry. She likes to think her muse dwells in both Hawaii and Sedona, Arizona. Her poetry has been published in a wide variety of literary publications, newspapers and anthologies. Her first book, Harsh Country, a collection of poems about the Southwest, was published by XLibris. Her second book, Earthen Jar, is s collection of many kinds of poetry written throughout her life. Her third book, Preludes to An Allelujah Chord, was published by XLibris in 2010 and is a collection of Christmas poems. Should you want to order one of these books, contact Raynette through Poemhunter and she can tell you about the mailing cost.

Raynette Eitel's Works:

Harsh Country,2008 Xlibris Press
Earthen Jar,2009 XLibris Press
Preludes to an Allelujah Chord,2010 XLibris Press

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In Taos, pueblos are striped with ladders
leading to blue doors like pieces of sky.

Inside, braves wrapped in blankets
burrow close to a fire, shivering

as they dream of nimble ghosts
who scramble high and higher in moonlight.

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