Raynette Eitel

Raynette Eitel Poems

1. Ladders 5/19/2010
2. After The Knife 5/19/2010
3. Choking On Rainbows 5/19/2010
4. Echocardiogram 5/19/2010
5. Classical Guitar 5/19/2010
6. Flowers From A Wedding 5/19/2010
7. In The Dream 5/19/2010
8. Words 5/19/2010
9. The Kiss 5/19/2010
10. Growing Old 6/1/2010
11. I Could Stay 6/1/2010
12. Things That Make Me Cry 6/13/2010
13. Steinbeck Country 6/16/2010
14. Only In Stillness 6/16/2010
15. Remembering Lena Horne 6/17/2010
16. Across The Years 1/28/2011
17. Frozen Songs 1/28/2011
18. Walking A New Trail 1/29/2011
19. Fugue 1/30/2011
20. Claire De Lune 1/31/2011
21. Dry Spell 2/1/2011
22. Tattoos 6/23/2010
23. Lullabies 2/6/2011
24. Deep Time 2/7/2011
25. Fog Holds Lights 4/5/2011
26. Poem Soup 6/23/2010
27. 1. Memorial Day,1949 5/30/2010
28. How To Critique A Poem 5/19/2010
29. Bassoon 5/31/2010
30. Broken Dreams 2/2/2011
31. Memories Are Only 1/28/2011
32. Bury Me With Chocolates 2/11/2011

Comments about Raynette Eitel

  • Soul Watcher Soul Watcher (3/30/2016 8:48:00 AM)

    We missed your writings Raynette, hope everything is going well

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  • Scarlett Treat (8/9/2007 12:46:00 PM)

    On a par with many of the other well known western poetry writers, Raynette can thrill you with her lovely western scenes, and you can almost hear the wind howling between the ghost buildings. Her other lovely nature poems are well done too, but man, I love her western settings. Wonderful treat in store here for anyone looking for cowboys, and other goodies!

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  • Mary Nagy (1/4/2006 8:44:00 AM)

    I am so happy and proud to be able to post poetry on a site along with yours. You are one of the most talented poets and caring souls I have (never) met. I love your work and I am so glad you share it here as you do. Sincerely, Mary

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  • Adryan Barnathan (7/15/2005 7:26:00 PM)

    Raynette...I admire the consistant voice of your poems...you have struck a harmonious balance between your own thoughts and your muses...running thru the very core of each individual piece you write....speaking with an eloquant earth trodden pallet, you inspire me with your thoughts and insights~

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  • Gol Mcadam (7/12/2005 4:18:00 AM)

    Raynette, thank you for commenting on my work. I have now read yours and like it very much. I particularly like the apparent simplicity and ease of language - this is hard to acheive but you have done it very well. Regards, Gol

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  • Seán O' Muiriosa (6/22/2005 6:05:00 AM)

    Raynette, your work has really struck me as quite beautiful. I enjoy reading your work.
    Thank you,

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  • Anne Leaver (6/12/2005 10:13:00 AM)

    Raynette: I'm so glad you commented on 'April' this morning, as I then tabbed over to your poems. Wonderful work as far as I've read - and I'm so glad to meet you you. Anne

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  • earyt etr (6/2/2005 5:06:00 PM)

    Hey, I can relate to your Nightmare. not to criticize, but what is a predictable apple? is that a typo, or is it a profound term to deep for my mentality? NEway, your good. I hope to see more of your poetry. My deepest compliments to a Comrade and fellow poet. I bow to you.

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  • john tiong chunghoo john tiong chunghoo (5/14/2005 10:06:00 AM)

    i have never been more entertained reading poems. you should a poet laureate.
    however, so far yours are more into nature poem. perhaps you should expand to other genres - for portfolio.

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  • Michael Shepherd (4/10/2005 10:48:00 AM)

    Raynette, it is a privilege and a lasting delight to read your poems on this site. May there be m any more of them. Thank you.

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Best Poem of Raynette Eitel

Bury Me With Chocolates

Bury me with chocolates,
The kind I love so well.
Send dark and bitter candy wreaths
With leaves of caramel.

Chocolate chip tears upon my cheeks,
White chocolate pillows filled with creams
To soothe me in my final sleep
And sweeten all my heavenly dreams.

Place one lone lovely chocolate rose
With petals curling in my hand.
Heap gold foil coins in random piles,
Egyptian-like, and oh so grand.

Please do not toast me with champagne,
A rich hot chocolate will do,
Laced with a touch of cinnamon
And then perhaps marshmallows ...

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After The Knife

After the Knife

…and for the rest of her life,
that unwanted child came to her in dreams
walking without a sound on wounded feet.
There had been no rain
for forty days and forty nights
and the ground was hot.