RazonAnny Justin

Rookie - 30 Points [Poet RazonAnny] (5th August,1985 / Uyo, Southern Atlantic Coast, Nigeria)

RazonAnny Justin Poems

1. Sing Me 1/17/2012
2. Blind Imaginations 1/17/2012
3. The Initiation 1/17/2012
4. Muted 1/17/2012
5. Calling America 1/18/2012
6. Lost Once 1/18/2012
7. Last Words (Words Of Gold) 1/18/2012
8. Dedication 1/18/2012
9. Ad Spirare' (To Breathe) 1/18/2012
10. My~place 1/18/2012
11. The Bard 1/18/2012
12. The Rain 1/18/2012
13. Poesy (Wordplay) 1/18/2012
14. Charis 1/19/2012
15. The Owl 1/19/2012
16. The Musings Of A Mad Woman 1/22/2012
17. Conquest 1/22/2012
18. My Love 1/22/2012
19. There He Lies (Requiem) 1/22/2012
20. Life 1/22/2012
21. The Bomb 1/29/2012
22. Visions (Of Abuja And The Lost Souls) 6/29/2014
23. Wait For Me 8/17/2014
24. If...........(Not For Christ) 1/22/2012

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If...........(Not For Christ)

IF …..

If maidens never saw angels
Who uttered love, wreaked vengeance
If the manger was void of straw
To nest a babe born to correct our flaws
If three rumouring sages, Far East
Never disclosed the evil in Herods’ breast
If not the persecution and sacrifice
The seed of Adam would not have paid the price

If not for thirty pieces of Silver
The treachery of Iscariot, denial of Peter
The Crown of Thorn, sponge of Vinegar
Hospitality of Joseph Arimethea
If not the Cross, evil would’ve engulfed us
If not the Tomb, death would’ve won us
If not...

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I won't cry
Lest tears erode the glaze off my gleaming Face
How could I betray my pain
Let them see the Mammoth of my losses
I dare not tell them
Of my Big Chicken-hearted Brothers
Who could broker War on the Tables of Power
But they say nothing
So I ask, 'Who am I to say anything'?

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