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My Words Fall On Deaf Ears...

I have been lead to believe that Betrayal can be one of the most difficult emotions to live with. It sit in the pit of your stomach like a growing stell ball as you relize you placed so much trust into the betrayer. Your tears are no comfort, and when you have nothing but yourself, you know your were a fool. It's a growing anxiety as you wonder what there doing with the knowledge you so willinly imparted on them.

I have been betrayed so many times in my short life I often find myself wondering why I haven't grown accostum to the ache it brings. Or why haven't I learn that trusting, ...

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Delusional Dreams

Hold on to me,
Just a little longer,
We need redemption,
But for now,
We have each other.

How long is 'now'?
How long is 'forever'?
When you finally leave,