Reagan A. Latumbo

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Reagan A. Latumbo Poems

41. Temptation 1/18/2015
42. Into The Rain 1/18/2015
43. Sketch 1/15/2015
44. The Heat Is On 1/21/2015
45. You And Your Lovely Orchids 1/21/2015
46. Beauty 1/23/2015
47. The Walls Between Us 1/23/2015
48. Kindness 1/25/2015
49. At The End Of The Rainbow 1/28/2015
50. Across The Universe 1/29/2015
51. A Letter For A Broken Hearted 1/30/2015
52. Secretly Loving You 1/30/2015
53. A House I Call My Home 1/30/2015
54. A Ten-Minute Prayer 1/31/2015
55. In The Eye Of The Ferris Wheel 2/1/2015
56. To All The Girls I Love 2/3/2015
57. If I Can Only Be Like The One You Love 2/4/2015
58. This Heart Of Mine 2/5/2015
59. God, You Are My Strength 2/5/2015
60. She Betrayed Me 2/6/2015
61. Just To Be With You 2/12/2015
62. A Special Day 2/13/2015
63. A Simple Guy 2/13/2015
64. So Into You 2/15/2015
65. In The Blink Of Your Eyes 2/17/2015
66. Loving What I Hear 2/17/2015
67. Your Voice 2/20/2015
68. The Gift Of Love 2/27/2015
69. Till Death Do Us Part 2/28/2015
70. Conquer By Words Not By Sword 3/4/2015
71. Just Once 3/4/2015
72. It's Good To Know You 3/20/2015
73. I Can Fake A Smile But My Heart Cannot 3/21/2015
74. Freedom 3/27/2015
75. Blue Is For You 3/27/2015
76. Ang Pagmamahal 3/30/2015
77. Father 4/5/2015
78. Stepmother 4/5/2015
79. Our One And Only Sister 4/5/2015
80. Brothers 4/5/2015
Best Poem of Reagan A. Latumbo

I Finally Found Someone In You

We both started as readers,
You and I as followers,
Reading each of our pieces of works,
Commenting in the form of words.

I think I finally found
I think I finally found
I think I finally found
The person who will complete my day in and out.

The words you picked are well-chosen
The way you use emoticons are genuine
The way you throw a conversation are polite
A woman like you deserved a response not just to say 'Hi'.

I finally found someone who can be my friend.
I finally found someone who can understand the things I wrote.
I finally ...

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I have known you because of Time,
and you leave me because of Time.

Time wants me to forget you,
but Time says 'No' because I do love you.

Time gives me strength to endure the pain,

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