Rebecca Cox

Rookie (12/18/1995 / North Carolina)

Biography of Rebecca Cox

My name is Rebecca C. Cox. I have finally finished my book, Blood Lust, and I'm ready to publish it. If anyone knows anything about publishing, publishers, or angents, please, please, please, pleaseeee let me know. I began writing when my parents split up four years ago to cope with the pain and stress of the situation by getting my feelings out on paper, rather than cutting myself or hurting others. I absoultly love to help people through problems and having fun. I also write about God in many of my poems and novels, so if that offends anyone, I do apologize. I am fourteen years old, and I hope everyone enjoys my work. :)

Rebecca Cox's Works:

None as of right now, but I'm trying. Updates

Love Costs

We lie together, side by side.
Our breathing is like music to my ears, our hearts beat together as one.
My pulse still pounds beneath the surface,
Beating in time with yours.
I hear the wind carry your soft whisper of my name, so sweet, too good to be true…
Your arms encircle me tightly, pulling me to your chest.
I can smell your skin, taste your lips, feel your tender touch….

The dream falls away from me, wrenching me back into reality

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