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41. Scared To Let You Know 6/21/2013
42. Key 6/21/2013
43. Would You 6/21/2013
44. I Want You 6/21/2013
45. Time 6/21/2013
46. Two Paths 6/21/2013
47. Chase Away 6/21/2013
48. Love Through Pain 6/21/2013
49. My Dream 6/21/2013
50. Misled 4/8/2015
51. Tropical Dream 4/8/2015
52. The Perfect Man 4/8/2015
53. Trying 4/8/2015
54. Faded Memory 4/8/2015
55. Do You Think Of Me 4/8/2015
56. Story Book Love 4/8/2015
57. Snowman 4/8/2015
58. Little Voice 5/12/2015
59. Enchanted Fairy Tale 11/5/2012
60. A Knight In Shining Armor 6/20/2013
61. Save Me From The Darkness 11/5/2012
62. Priceless Treasure 10/17/2012
63. I Will Always Choose You 6/20/2013
64. To Show You My Love 10/16/2012
65. Part Of Who I Am 6/20/2013
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Part Of Who I Am

I'm not perfect as you can see
there are flaws about me
But i wake up and try everyday
even if things don't go my way
i try to have a open mind
and always to be kind
i try to help people out
and when i get frustrated not to shout
i try to be very understanding
and not to demanding
i try to smile even when I'm sad
to be happy when i wanna be mad
i try to learn things that are new
so i can have wisdom and knowledge too
i try to appreciate the things that i got
and work hard for the things i have not
i try to listen to what people say
no matter ...

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Ill Wait For You

you tell me i shouldnt love you
that i dont know what you went threw
i can understand why
but ill never say good~bye
in my heart is where youll stay
your past wont chase me away
ill be by your side, good or bad,
through the happy and sad
know matter what happens to you

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