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41. Scared To Let You Know 6/21/2013
42. Key 6/21/2013
43. Would You 6/21/2013
44. I Want You 6/21/2013
45. Time 6/21/2013
46. Two Paths 6/21/2013
47. Chase Away 6/21/2013
48. Love Through Pain 6/21/2013
49. My Dream 6/21/2013
50. Misled 4/8/2015
51. Tropical Dream 4/8/2015
52. The Perfect Man 4/8/2015
53. Trying 4/8/2015
54. Faded Memory 4/8/2015
55. Do You Think Of Me 4/8/2015
56. Story Book Love 4/8/2015
57. Snowman 4/8/2015
58. Little Voice 5/12/2015
59. Enchanted Fairy Tale 11/5/2012
60. A Knight In Shining Armor 6/20/2013
61. Save Me From The Darkness 11/5/2012
62. Priceless Treasure 10/17/2012
63. I Will Always Choose You 6/20/2013
64. To Show You My Love 10/16/2012
65. Part Of Who I Am 6/20/2013
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Part Of Who I Am

I'm not perfect as you can see
there are flaws about me
But i wake up and try everyday
even if things don't go my way
i try to have a open mind
and always to be kind
i try to help people out
and when i get frustrated not to shout
i try to be very understanding
and not to demanding
i try to smile even when I'm sad
to be happy when i wanna be mad
i try to learn things that are new
so i can have wisdom and knowledge too
i try to appreciate the things that i got
and work hard for the things i have not
i try to listen to what people say
no matter ...

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I Love You

at a very young age i was grown
because i had to do everything on my own
pain was my closest friend
happiness i would pretend
i hid everthing so well
that no one could tell
not even you knew
what i was going through
sure we hung out all of the time

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