Rebecca Navarre

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Rebecca Navarre poet

My poems are of old, and of new. Some are for me and
some are for you. Some are to vent...and toss to the
seas's. Some are meant for Someone, whose Soul... is
in The Breeze!

Love to write, slow reader
But Love to read! ! !
song, We Are One In The Spirit! ! !
real name Navarre side, Muczynski
real name Bilder side, Stekar

In times of sorrow, loneliness, pain.. Praise
God! .. Praise His Name! .. For the Song, If he hung
the moon! .. By Collingsworth Family. This is the
most, Heart Warming and Comforting tune! .. May God bless and with all! .. Updates

Blood Of My Blood!

Scattered like the leaves,
caught apon a strong, Octobers
Shaken to the ground, the thought
of you not being round.
Look up to the skies,
Crying out goodbye.
Although deep within, a
part of you has always been...