Rebecca Wiles

Rookie (November 5,1968 / Opp, Alabama)

Biography of Rebecca Wiles

my name is Rebecca Wiles (Thomas) . I love to write poetry. I have been doing so since I was 14 years of age, which has been quite awhile back. It has always been an outlet for me, for I tend to initally hold all my feelings back. I love to garden and I love everything about wolves and I absolutely love star-gazing! Nearly every night I go out under the stars, for they are a source of inspiration for me! I love to inspire people! I have two boys that are the world to me and a wonderful husband. And for the moment we reside in Florida! ! If you would love to read my poems, my website is http: //beccas-corner­ Updates

I Love You So

So nice to hear from you my dear, I hope we keep in touch,
It's so nice to hear your words, I miss you very much!
I often keep my deeper self tucked within my heart,
this way I don't bare the pain of being torn apart.

I wonder where I stand with you, but don't expect to hear
me ask or plead and don't expect to see a single tear.
For I always keep myself safe within my own room
of my inner sanctum where I sweep away the gloom.

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