Rebecca Wolff

Biography of Rebecca Wolff

Rebecca Wolff (born 1967 New York City) is a poet, fiction writer, and the editor and creator of both Fence Magazine and Fence Books.

Wolff received her MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop, where she was a student editor of the Iowa Review.

She created Fence Magazine in 1998, with an editorial staff including Jonathan Lethem, Frances Richard, Caroline Crumpacker, and Matthew Rohrer, and Fence Books in 2001. Fence is now headquartered at the University at Albany, where Wolff is a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute.

She was married from 2002 until 2012 to the novelist Ira Sher. She lives in Hudson, New York with their children Asher Wolff and Margot Sher. Updates

And when I say poem

I mean this thing

I want to write and no other

You will not be so clever

as to resurrect the feathered

the tatty wings of a costumed

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