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Some of my poems might seem really depressing. I'm not at all like that, i just have a really active imagination and I hear too much bad stuff on the news!

I do write happy and random stuff as well, and hopefully soon i'll get them online

I get most of my inspiration from the news, or rumours I hear etc. sometimes I'll use a story (like love at first bite, which is about vampires)
one or two are bout real events that happened to me
(too late now is an example of this) But the majority are just made up from things I hear on T.V Updates

Love At First Bite

You awake from your crypt,
Prise open your eyes.
Wipe away the nights sweat,
Well, what a surprise,
The blood has now dried,
Into powdery dust.
As the sound of prayer rings,
throughout broken trust.

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