Rebekah Rogers

Rookie (6-22-1995 / Ohio)

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Rebekah Rogers poet

Hey, I'm Rebekah, I'm 18, music is pretty much the greatest thing that happened to me I'm currently into a lot of that 'post dark cabaret' music well not a lot just a few bands really, I love to read and write, never really done anything with it other than writing songs, which has gotten me through a lot of dark times. I would like to thank my grandma for putting up with a lot of my crap and my dad for not letting me give up on music even when I thought I wanted too. I was going to end with a quote from my favorite musician, Amanda Palmer but there isn't a quote in the world that could sum up everything i want to say so I'm going with this one 'I still get laughed at but it doesn't bother me, I'm just so glad to hear laughter around me.'

Rebekah Rogers's Works:

seriously we're all washed up poets here do they really expect us to have written books that we're proud enough to post about on here? Updates

The Hardest Thing

the stiffness of her legs
the pressure in her eyes
the silence in her voice
as she sits and cries

she thought that you were late
so she waited a little more
the hardest things shes done
was walking out the door

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