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Biography of Red O'Mara

I live in Melbourne, Australia. That makes me an Australian, a Melburnian, a lover of Australian Rules football and someone who eats sharks with his chips and pronounces route to rhyme with boot, and castle to rhyme with vassal. Though, if it suited poetic necessity, I'd have more than enough lack of principle to make castle rhyme with parcel.
Almost everything I've written here was for or about a particularly lovely woman. But for Maggie I wouldnt have written this or anything else for this site. I took up writing what I like to think of as love poems to better explain how I felt about her. It's easier, that way, to get straight the things you want to say, easier to write what you mean and less daunting to be honest, than it is to articulate your feelings in situations where words tend to be fumbled in the process.
Obviously, too, I wanted to impress Maggie and perhaps I succeeded because it was at her instigation that I came out, here, on this site.
What I've written then were mainly love poems, to gain her good graces, interspersed with bits of mongrel verse (ill-bred doggerel) to make her laugh. Updates

More Than One

Quizmasters often test mentalities,

by asking folks to name pluralities,

of things of many different sorts.

Like soldiers can be called 'cohorts'.

There are 'flights' of geese and jets and stairs,

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