Reece Kaye

Rookie (Norfolk 'n Goude)

Reece Kaye Poems

1. 2 Che, For Angie-K 3/21/2007
2. Good Morning Weary Poets 5/17/2007
3. When Nothing Much Happens On A Lunchtime Walk… 5/23/2007
4. A Poetess Pressed For Time At The Board Meeting 4/18/2007
5. Here Come The Boys With Odd Shaped Balls 2/2/2008
6. The Closing Of The Gates 2/21/2008
7. Happy Mothers Day (Partial Sonnet) 3/2/2008
8. Miss Playstrussed In Hrhoanjudge Meant? 4/2/2008
9. I Found God At The Bottom Of A Screwball Ice-Cream 4/2/2008
10. I Found God In A Piece Of Chewing Gum On The Bottom Of A Woman's Shoe, Sitting In Front Of Me At Church. 4/3/2008
11. Nurse Velveeta's Bedside Manner. 4/13/2008
12. Sympathising With The Salt ‘n Vinegar. 4/21/2008
13. Unfine Design For Sitting Guitarists. 4/25/2008
14. From Byron Tay Burns, Some Unusual Turns.(True Romantics) 5/26/2008
15. Address To A Cat's Condescention? 7/11/2008
16. Bse In Literature? 8/8/2008
17. Lizzie’s Toast 8/11/2008
18. Bad Taste Down Under. 8/12/2008
19. Gonna Roll Ma Baby! (Song) 9/20/2006
20. Until The Cycle Is Broken 4/2/2007
21. The Archie Mcneedies Principle 5/2/2007
22. A Poem By Some Strong Women? 5/18/2007
23. A Disagreement With T.S. Elliot (Partial Sonnet.) 4/2/2008
24. A Horse’s Euthanasia On Leap Year Day(A Real Indecent Proposal) 3/2/2008
25. Wishful Shrinking? 1/3/2008
26. Testing Testing 4/17/2008
27. A Disappointing Homecoming For The Three Bears. 3/20/2008
28. Some Lady Poets Make Me Laugh Guiltily. 4/27/2007
29. The Doppel Gang 3/7/2007
30. Apex Re Ex-Ape? 8/3/2007
31. Lift Off 3/22/2007
32. Low Mileage, High Smileage? 9/12/2006
33. It’s My Chapatti And I’ll Cry If I Want To. 9/15/2006
34. Poetry In No Motion. 9/19/2006
35. What To Look For When Selecting A Woman For Fun Times, Possibly More 9/27/2006
36. Peter S Quinn Overload 5/31/2007
37. A Prayer, For The Little Man. 8/31/2008
38. A Night On The Rocks? 3/19/2007
39. Dirty Beggars C*nt Be Choosers. 5/31/2008
40. Asking For It? 6/26/2008

Comments about Reece Kaye

  • Emancipation Planz (5/20/2008 3:18:00 AM)

    The poet brings forth both a worthy colelction of poems and a good bout of PML but wearing a nose peg is compulsory whilst actioning both the read and PML...

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Best Poem of Reece Kaye

Poor Taste Poetry (Not For The Easily Offended)

My wife’s like a house, she’s so fukin’ big
With her Bulemia/Alzheimer’s trick.
She eats and eats like a fukin’ pig
But forgets to be fukin’ sick.

Note: Another Favourite Classic joke put to rhyme.

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2 Che, For Angie-K

Dancing in the ether
Aiming for the heart
Many try to twist and tease
None can play the part

Yonder lies a maid with sauce
Opening the heads of dullards
Unifying jokes of course
All the drunks spin round the bollards

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