Reece Kaye

Rookie (Norfolk 'n Goude)

Reece Kaye Poems

1. 2 Che, For Angie-K 3/21/2007
2. Good Morning Weary Poets 5/17/2007
3. When Nothing Much Happens On A Lunchtime Walk… 5/23/2007
4. A Poetess Pressed For Time At The Board Meeting 4/18/2007
5. Here Come The Boys With Odd Shaped Balls 2/2/2008
6. The Closing Of The Gates 2/21/2008
7. Happy Mothers Day (Partial Sonnet) 3/2/2008
8. Miss Playstrussed In Hrhoanjudge Meant? 4/2/2008
9. I Found God At The Bottom Of A Screwball Ice-Cream 4/2/2008
10. I Found God In A Piece Of Chewing Gum On The Bottom Of A Woman's Shoe, Sitting In Front Of Me At Church. 4/3/2008
11. Nurse Velveeta's Bedside Manner. 4/13/2008
12. Sympathising With The Salt ‘n Vinegar. 4/21/2008
13. Unfine Design For Sitting Guitarists. 4/25/2008
14. From Byron Tay Burns, Some Unusual Turns.(True Romantics) 5/26/2008
15. Address To A Cat's Condescention? 7/11/2008
16. Bse In Literature? 8/8/2008
17. Lizzie’s Toast 8/11/2008
18. Bad Taste Down Under. 8/12/2008
19. Gonna Roll Ma Baby! (Song) 9/20/2006
20. Until The Cycle Is Broken 4/2/2007
21. The Archie Mcneedies Principle 5/2/2007
22. A Poem By Some Strong Women? 5/18/2007
23. A Disagreement With T.S. Elliot (Partial Sonnet.) 4/2/2008
24. A Horse’s Euthanasia On Leap Year Day(A Real Indecent Proposal) 3/2/2008
25. Wishful Shrinking? 1/3/2008
26. Testing Testing 4/17/2008
27. A Disappointing Homecoming For The Three Bears. 3/20/2008
28. Some Lady Poets Make Me Laugh Guiltily. 4/27/2007
29. The Doppel Gang 3/7/2007
30. Apex Re Ex-Ape? 8/3/2007
31. Lift Off 3/22/2007
32. Low Mileage, High Smileage? 9/12/2006
33. It’s My Chapatti And I’ll Cry If I Want To. 9/15/2006
34. Poetry In No Motion. 9/19/2006
35. What To Look For When Selecting A Woman For Fun Times, Possibly More 9/27/2006
36. Peter S Quinn Overload 5/31/2007
37. A Prayer, For The Little Man. 8/31/2008
38. A Night On The Rocks? 3/19/2007
39. Dirty Beggars C*nt Be Choosers. 5/31/2008
40. Asking For It? 6/26/2008

Comments about Reece Kaye

  • Emancipation Planz (5/20/2008 3:18:00 AM)

    The poet brings forth both a worthy colelction of poems and a good bout of PML but wearing a nose peg is compulsory whilst actioning both the read and PML...

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Best Poem of Reece Kaye

Number Ten In The Toadstool Charts, Cos There’s Not Mushroom At The Top.

I’m gonna get my friends to act
I’ll do it by my telepathy
Ill send them all to Poemhunter
And click on my biography

I’ll send 500 thimbles out
I’m so kind-hearted, you see
I can’t risk them wearing their fingers out
As they’re clicking away for me.

And when at last I’m famous
All the critics will take heed
I only hope my poetry’s
F**kin good enuff 2 reeeed!

Note: A bit of fun, aimed at no-one.

Read the full of Number Ten In The Toadstool Charts, Cos There’s Not Mushroom At The Top.

Lift Off

The doors closed, the tickle came
The tension rose below my eyes
A recurring nightmare. Just the same
It always brought a new surprise.
No handkerchief to catch the snot
I filled my palms with all I’d got
I had to look, but what a killer
My nose had gave birth to a tiny Gobzilla…….

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