reese sursely

Rookie (June 1st,1990 / Rochester, MN)

Biography of reese sursely

I am a kid that no one wants to be with. That everyone thinks is weird or a freak. Everyone think that i cut my self but i don't. I don't have a lot of friends.

I am in a band.. we haven't recorded anything and we don't have anything to work with. I would really like to a career music but i do not think that will ever happen, because i suck at singing and i can't play the guitar well...

The person that inspires me to write is Jonathan Davis-Lead singer for KoRn. I can really relate to most of his songs Updates


IM DONE yay! ! ! lol its now lyrics

I am the Outcast
No more love in my forcast
No more screaming!
When my heart starts beating fast
(whispered..its skipping beats)

I feel like we were ment for each other

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