Reeshe Vixen

Biography of Reeshe Vixen

What can i say other than i grow up on a small island! I am not small mind and a very open person.

I was born in the Cayman Islands, I am a born and breaded Caymanian. I have never live anywhere else but want to.

Right now i work for the Cayman Islands Goverment, I have a high school eduation from (John Gray High School) and looking to move up from there.

I am not into really expressing myself or telling people how i feel to i had to find another outlet so i turned to writing.

I don't always write poems but just like to express myself and i am also hoping to meet some friends along the way!

I believe words are expression and the written word is powerful, I hope that one day, i will actually be able to write something that can be published! Updates


Strength isn't determed by the battles we win, but by the measures we take after the battle!
‎ With the lost of a man you do you sit and hind away, or do you find yourself to know that our life is based on the facts of the battle ‎ Do we just give up or do we take a step forward ‎ Do we blame ourselves for the decision we make?
‎ The answers is NO because by our hand even if one man was lost we still have saved many!
‎ Cause in our hearts we all Kings and Quee