Regan Meade

Rookie - 0 Points (03/18/1992-present / Las Cruses, New Mexico)

Biography of Regan Meade

Regan Meade is a young adult who is aspiring to be an artist in many aspects. She was born fifty miles from the border of Mexico in a small town of Las Cruses, New Mexico. She often spends her time reading many different books from fantasy-fiction to biographical non-fiction. In times of stress (or major cases of writer's block) she draws paints or even takes a walk to get inspiration for her poems, stories, and art work. Updates


Blue rippling waves drift down the,
curvature of her back.
A woman of natural beauty that
Can change nature’s strongest and stubborn hearts to those of
Of caring individuals;
She, the woman of water, has many moods.
Her anger a hurricane of great magnitudes,
Her happiness a calming vision of the calm waters of a lake;
She is the one who has taken many lives, a coffin to the brave men who

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