Reginald Walker

Rookie - 3 Points (July 9,1964 / Marion, Alabama)

Reginald Walker Poems

1. Holy Is His Name 9/30/2007
2. We Praise You, O'God 9/30/2007
3. The Rock 9/30/2007
4. May I Use Your Bathroom, Please? 9/30/2007
5. Think On This, A Poetic Series 9/30/2007
6. Think On This Too, A Poetic Series 9/30/2007
7. Think On This Again, A Poetic Series 9/30/2007
8. God Rested That Day. 9/30/2007
9. The Outcast 9/30/2007
10. My God, My Lord And My King 9/30/2007
11. In Thy Kingdom 9/30/2007
12. Surrounded 9/30/2007
13. Those Stories Of Old 9/30/2007
14. Back In Control 9/30/2007
15. I Think Of You 9/30/2007
16. When 9/30/2007
17. The Last Words 9/30/2007
18. God Rested That Day - A Poetic Spoken Sermon - Chapter 1 - 7 10/26/2007
19. Baby, I Really Yearn To Be Held By You.- A Note To My Wife 10/26/2007
20. Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Middle Men! 1/8/2009
21. Just Leave Me Alone! 1/8/2009
22. I Am Mad As Hell! 1/8/2009
23. Luminary Lifeline 1/8/2009
24. A Statement That Was Not True. 1/8/2009
25. The Proud Seed Of An American Slave 1/8/2009
26. Thank You, For All That You Do. 1/8/2009
27. An Enduring Prayer 1/8/2009
28. God, I Just Want To Let You Know. (Gerald Albright Kicking It Up # 7) 1/8/2009
29. Heavenly Assurance 1/8/2009
30. For Which I Yearn 1/8/2009
31. Oh Lord, I Really Do Love You. 1/8/2009
32. Lord, Now This Is Me. 1/8/2009
33. It Will Be All Right. 1/8/2009
34. In The Mighty Name Of Jesus, I Pray 1/8/2009
35. The Comforter Of My Soul 1/8/2009
36. Lord, I Know You Will Fix It. 1/8/2009
37. Lord, Because Of You I Do Exist. 1/8/2009
38. Life's Lessons 9/30/2007
39. Every Time I Pray. (Gerald Albright's Kicking It Up # 2) 1/8/2009
40. Listening To The Angel’s Song 1/8/2009

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Best Poem of Reginald Walker

(updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 7

Book One: The Journey Begins

(This is a fictional poetic series and short story about events that never take place and about people that have never existed. Any representation of an actual event or person is purely coincidental in nature.)

Mission seven: Mission Complete

I just returned to the home base.
This tour of duty will soon be through.
I brush my teeth and wash my face.
The captain assigned another job to do.

Quickly, I grabbed my gear off my bed.
Tonight on a rescue mission, I am sent.
I place my helmet on my head.
I walked out the door ...

Read the full of (updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 7

We Praise You, O'God

We praise you, O’ God.
We praise you for the blessings you bring.
They are wonderful blessings of peace and joy.
They are delivered by angel wing.

We praise you, O’ God.
We praise you for the salvation in you we find.
We praise you for Your Son coming to earth
He took the penalty for mankind.

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