Reginald Walker

Rookie - 3 Points (July 9,1964 / Marion, Alabama)

Reginald Walker Poems

41. Lord, I Want More Of Being With You. 1/8/2009
42. O’ God, My Heavenly Father (To The Tune Of O’ For A Thousand Tongue To Sing.) 1/8/2009
43. Jesus Stood On The Cross For Me.(Gerald Albright - Kicking It Up # 8) 1/8/2009
44. Lord, I Want More Of Being With You.(Rewrite) 1/8/2009
45. On That Day 1/8/2009
46. Charlax’s Gist 1/8/2009
47. The Preacher's Message 1/8/2009
48. “let There Be.” 1/8/2009
49. God’s Will Be Done. 1/8/2009
50. Beads Of Moisture 1/8/2009
51. Someone 1/8/2009
52. Special Memories Of My Lost Love 1/8/2009
53. I Cry For You 1/8/2009
54. The Perplexed Feeling Of Being In Love 1/8/2009
55. Ten Thousand Ways 1/8/2009
56. My Pledge To You 1/8/2009
57. Vaguely A Decent Word Used 1/8/2009
58. Thinking Of You. 1/8/2009
59. Memories Of Love 1/8/2009
60. Preacher’s Proclamation 2/4/2009
61. My Choice 1/8/2009
62. The Scientific Minds Inside Of You 1/8/2009
63. All That We Choose To Give. 1/8/2009
64. God Believes In You. 1/8/2009
65. Revelations Revealed 1/8/2009
66. Sweet Somethings 2/5/2009
67. I Need You 2/24/2009
68. Just To Say Thank You 3/4/2009
69. Forewords 9/30/2007
70. Think On This Once More, A Poetic Series 9/30/2007
71. Someone Who Loves Me 9/30/2007
72. Unanswerable Questions. 9/30/2007
73. Distress Call 9/30/2007
74. Saved And Set Free 9/30/2007
75. A Wise Look At Reality 9/30/2007
76. Never Meant A Word She Said. 9/30/2007
77. God's Very Only Son 9/30/2007
78. Christ Do Hand Out Peace 9/30/2007
79. A Servant's Prayer 9/30/2007
80. Ansac Cognac And A Purple Kush Blunt 6/28/2009

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Best Poem of Reginald Walker

(updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 7

Book One: The Journey Begins

(This is a fictional poetic series and short story about events that never take place and about people that have never existed. Any representation of an actual event or person is purely coincidental in nature.)

Mission seven: Mission Complete

I just returned to the home base.
This tour of duty will soon be through.
I brush my teeth and wash my face.
The captain assigned another job to do.

Quickly, I grabbed my gear off my bed.
Tonight on a rescue mission, I am sent.
I place my helmet on my head.
I walked out the door ...

Read the full of (updated) The U. S. Army Ranger, A Poetic Series, The Journey Begins 7

Holy Is His Name

Glory, Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
I will praise His Holy Name.
Glory, Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
I will praise His Holy Name.

I will tell the world all about Him.
I will tell them who my savior really is.
He is worthy of all my praise.
Jesus is His Name.

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