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Well, as I read other poets work, I notice everyone has a profile, so, I guess I should let you all know alittle about me as well. I have been writing for many years. I wrote my 1st poem at age 12. I always write what's in my heart and how I am feeling at the time. Most all my poems are my lifes experience at one time or another. Mostly dark and depressing. My husband, grandma and Mother all 3 died at the same time a few years back and I still write to them daily.
I am looking forward to getting to know alot of the poets here as well as read their work and get to know them as well.

Rene' Bennett's Works:

I am in the process of publishing my 1st book called, 'Teardrop's Corner.' Updates

With Me

I thought I heard you call my name
whispering in the wind
and as I turned to walk away
I heard you call again.

A gentle breeze blew my way
I smelled you in the air
and though I reached out for you
I stood in solitaire.

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