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1. Extreme Tenderness 8/13/2012
2. Winter Wonderwerk 5/28/2013
3. Dissiepels 6/15/2013
4. Messenger 10/8/2013
5. A Fairytale 10/8/2013
6. My God 3/7/2015
7. Smiling Yet Dying 6/2/2015
8. Dollhouse 7/5/2015
9. Guardian 8/31/2015
10. Broken Soul 6/21/2016
11. I Do 10/10/2016
12. Never Mine 11/10/2016
13. Misunderstood 2/28/2017
14. Lie To Me 2/22/2018
15. Drome 3/7/2015
16. Be1ieve 11/30/2012
17. The Calling 8/4/2012
18. Love & Loss 8/8/2012
19. Because Of You 7/16/2014
20. Let It Shine 9/17/2012
21. Milliseconds Of Life 3/8/2015
22. Sad But True 5/18/2015
23. Disappointed 6/26/2016
24. The Serious Truth 5/28/2013
25. Let's Drink To… (21st B-Day Toast) 2/25/2015
26. Promise 5/21/2015
27. Let’s Become One 3/31/2015
28. Afterlife 8/5/2012
29. Broken Homes 9/18/2012
30. Fallen 12/8/2012
31. No Worries If You Believe 6/15/2013
32. Boygirl 8/3/2012
33. I Am What I Am 3/2/2015

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I Am What I Am

I am what I am
I’ve always been there with them
I am what and I am when
They write about me with a heart shaped pen

I am what I am
I go where and when
I was, I will be and I am
I am at my best when forbidden to them

I am what I am
I can be a song, a tune or a gem
Different for ladies, children and men
Create, destroy and start all over again

I am what I am
I am wisdom, knowledge and power forever till the end
I am how you choose – a wish, a miracle, a curse or a stem
I am love…

Yet again
I simply am what I am

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Extreme Tenderness

As rough as the sea, as sweet as an apple tree
As bright as the stars, as violent as mars
As dangerous as Africa's big five, you're the adrenalin that keeps me alive

As magical as the full moon, as captivating as a flowers first bloom
As beautiful as a pearl, as elegant as the tango's swirl
To a hunter, the trophy of a grizzly
Nothing compares, you're worth much more to me

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