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1. Extreme Tenderness 8/13/2012
2. Winter Wonderwerk 5/28/2013
3. Dissiepels 6/15/2013
4. Messenger 10/8/2013
5. A Fairytale 10/8/2013
6. My God 3/7/2015
7. Smiling Yet Dying 6/2/2015
8. Dollhouse 7/5/2015
9. Guardian 8/31/2015
10. Broken Soul 6/21/2016
11. I Do 10/10/2016
12. Never Mine 11/10/2016
13. Misunderstood 2/28/2017
14. Lie To Me 2/22/2018
15. Drome 3/7/2015
16. Be1ieve 11/30/2012
17. The Calling 8/4/2012
18. Love & Loss 8/8/2012
19. Because Of You 7/16/2014
20. Let It Shine 9/17/2012
21. Milliseconds Of Life 3/8/2015
22. Sad But True 5/18/2015
23. Disappointed 6/26/2016
24. The Serious Truth 5/28/2013
25. Let's Drink To… (21st B-Day Toast) 2/25/2015
26. Promise 5/21/2015
27. Let’s Become One 3/31/2015
28. Afterlife 8/5/2012
29. Broken Homes 9/18/2012
30. Fallen 12/8/2012
31. No Worries If You Believe 6/15/2013
32. Boygirl 8/3/2012
33. I Am What I Am 3/2/2015

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I Am What I Am

I am what I am
I’ve always been there with them
I am what and I am when
They write about me with a heart shaped pen

I am what I am
I go where and when
I was, I will be and I am
I am at my best when forbidden to them

I am what I am
I can be a song, a tune or a gem
Different for ladies, children and men
Create, destroy and start all over again

I am what I am
I am wisdom, knowledge and power forever till the end
I am how you choose – a wish, a miracle, a curse or a stem
I am love…

Yet again
I simply am what I am

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The Calling

This is me - always secretly wishing to be free
I feel so trapped in this world
I need to do something life changing and bold
What I need to do, I already know
But when the arrow shoots, left behind is only the bow

Riches and gold is what people seem to chase
But I see only destruction for this human race
The answer - the solution lies in the stars

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