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Biography of renee martin

my name is Jessica but I go by Renee I'm 16 years old and I currently live in Texas but have also live in Costa Rica for part of my life I live with my father, my mother lives in another country (currently unknown) I have just recently started writing poems and love it it helps me to release my aggressions and worries. Updates

You'Re A Part Of Me

Sex is a gateway to the most vulnerable part of a person's being.
A kiss is a delicate way of beginning to open that gateway.
When you engage in a kiss your partner's passion becomes your own.
When you make love you become a part of that person.
The first time you kissed me, you remember that day, that was the moment you turned the key that could open my gateway.
I hoped that some way you would find that vulnerable part of me.
But you closed that gateway with so many words you didn't have

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