renee martin

Rookie (12-3-90 / houston texas)

Biography of renee martin

my name is Jessica but I go by Renee I'm 16 years old and I currently live in Texas but have also live in Costa Rica for part of my life I live with my father, my mother lives in another country (currently unknown) I have just recently started writing poems and love it it helps me to release my aggressions and worries. Updates

Glass Window

The eyes are the window into the soul.
The windows at the store are the keys into the goods.
Both are penetrable, but often not.
When either breaks it's normally tragedy sometimes liberation.
We peer inside to the treasures that are within.
Curious noses pressed to the cold flat surface.
What is it that these windows desire to keep out?
The coldness of life?
Prying hands but never eyes?

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