Renee Podunovich

Biography of Renee Podunovich

Renee Podunovich lives near Dolores, CO in an “Earthship” home. Her writing has been published in Ruah, Mississippi Review, Argestes, San Juan Mountain Journal, Arts Perspective, and she is the co-producer of the zine Department of Peace Field Manual: Common Tasks and Essential Poems Required During Times of War published by the Conservancy of the Wild Heart. She is a certified herbalist and counselor, with a private practice in Cortez.

Renee’s writing reflects her deep interest in biological, emotional and social structure. She writes about human experience in relation to a living planet, and also that which transcends the material here and
now. Her writing travels the landscape of the inner void and moves into the outermost reaches of space, looking for what is relevant and essential, both as an individual and as part of a contemporary collective. Updates

Heart Filter

There is light inside of every thing.

If I were a transparency,
a vapor, a mist, a pane of glass,
it would travel from its universal source
straight through me
and shine upon you.
You would feel its warmth.

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