Renee Von Paschen

Biography of Renee Von Paschen

Renée Von Paschen:
Born in Canada, she is a professional literary translator and poet, currently completing her dissertation at the University of Vienna. Renée also teaches literary translation at the University of Innsbruck. Her literary translations have been published in seven countries in Europe, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia. Renée’s own poetry has been published in English, German and French in literary journals, such as Metamorphoses, Ellipse, Mobius and Inscribed. Several anthologies are in print. Renée also has a residence in Florida, and regularly participates in poetry readings. Updates

Words Are Lurking

Words are lurking in the
nooks and crannies of my cranium.

They wash away my thoughts
with a whoosh like a wave.

In their wake
a numb feeling follows.

Ties are loosened and
barriers fall.

Perhaps there's something to say
after all.

(Published in Metamorphoses, MA/USA,2010)

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