Renos Georgiou

Rookie (20/09/1991 / London (Edmonton))

Biography of Renos Georgiou

Well for the moment I'll just say I'm 16, write poems when for lots of different reasons (boredom, anger, love, way of portraying messages etc) , would like any feedback on how to approve them in any way as long as it's constructive criticism. Also any thoughts you may have: D

Renos Georgiou's Works:

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Looking Down The Barrel

Raised High Heavy black metallic panther
Poised and ready prepared to jump
Two finger clenched around it's sharp tooth shaking
Bear skin on the barrel prepared to pump

A hollow head with eyes deep in darkness
Stare down my, mouth towards my throat
Sudden jerk from fools unthoughtful
Meandered like water till letters wrote

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