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41. The Flying Machine 4/21/2012
42. I Will Make You My Destiny 2/23/2012
43. A Prayer 10/31/2016
44. Mask 7/11/2015
45. Christmas Fragrance In The Air 12/15/2012
46. Fate 9/29/2011
47. The Strange Train Journey 10/12/2011
48. Life And Meaning 9/14/2011
49. Ponder About Time Fleeting By 9/15/2011
50. House Of Memories 9/21/2011
51. Poem Of Spring 9/25/2011
52. Haikus 9/11/2011
53. Meaning Of Loving Someone 9/11/2011
54. Hues Of Autumn 9/11/2011
55. Roads And Destination 9/11/2011
56. The Storm And Thereafter 9/13/2011
57. Earth Day 22.4.2011 9/11/2011
58. I'D Like You To Stay With Me For Eternity 9/11/2011
59. On Mothers; Day 8.5.2011 9/11/2011
60. For Babies To Live 9/11/2011
61. Life A Riddle 9/11/2011
62. Question Of National Security 9/11/2011
63. Are We Alone? 9/11/2011
64. Beloved Stranger 9/11/2011
65. Love Hurts 9/11/2011
66. A Warning By Mother Earth 9/11/2011
67. Why Am I Here? 9/11/2011
68. Spiritual Being 9/11/2011
69. To Be A Cloud 9/11/2011
70. Character 9/11/2011
71. In Your Memory 9/11/2011
72. Window In The Sky 9/11/2011
73. A Magical Christmas Tree 9/11/2011
74. A Shattered Dream 9/11/2011
75. Invisible Friend 9/11/2011
76. What My Future Holds For Me? 11/28/2011
77. Families 11/29/2011
78. Slowly Slowly He Came Into My Life 1/20/2012
79. Pages Of Life 9/11/2011
80. Snow White And Her Caring Friends 9/11/2011
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Will You Be My Valentine?

Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,
that I love you more than I can say.
Love for me is a precious gift,
when I see you, my spirits lift.
Will you be my Valentine?

My love for you is honestly sweet,
I would never ever on you cheat.
Love for me is very precious,
making my smile infectious.
Will you be my Valentine?

Love for me is very gentle,
It's healing it is very sentimental.
Sometimes your leaving me I fear,
at home ...

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The Ship And The Storm

Dark clouds hide the sun as they gather,
The ship is tossed about by the sea in anger.
Its purpose in life to take travelers across,
to ensure passengers are not at sea lost.

It weathers the storm and comes to shore,
without any fanfare or any lost store.
The ship represents the individual soul,
the sea is the life that impedes our goal.

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