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81. The Star And The Sunflower 9/11/2011
82. A Memory Of Childhood 9/11/2011
83. A Prayer For A Loved One 9/11/2011
84. Musings 9/13/2011
85. Life-Think Positive 9/11/2011
86. Changing Faces Of Indian Womanhood 9/19/2011
87. Me And My Goal 9/14/2011
88. The Celestial House 1/25/2012
89. I Have Been Here Before 1/19/2012
90. The Rainbow's Promise 10/22/2011
91. Bird Table Outside My Window 9/11/2011
92. Anna Hazare's Call 9/11/2011
93. Life Is Not Always Full Of Melancholy 5/4/2012
94. You'Ve Come To Change My Destiny. 2/9/2012
95. An Ambulance Passes 5/24/2012
96. I Like You A Lot 9/11/2011
97. Friendship 9/11/2011
98. A Catastrophy In Japan 9/11/2011
99. Haiku- Life's Journey 10/28/2016
100. A Child's Plight 9/11/2011
101. A New World Of Love 9/11/2011
102. A Special Person 9/17/2011
103. A Caged Bird's Song For Freedom 10/18/2011
104. Teachers' Day 9/11/2011
105. The Inner Self 6/4/2012
106. Seasons And Life 1/31/2012
107. Spring Is In The Air 2/2/2012
108. A Girl In White 10/17/2011
109. What Is Death? 1/24/2012
110. Can You See Me, Please? 1/28/2012
111. Life Of A Leaf 5/21/2012
112. Will Power (Believe In Yourself) 1/24/2012
113. Will You Be My Valentine? 2/12/2012
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Will You Be My Valentine?

Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,
that I love you more than I can say.
Love for me is a precious gift,
when I see you, my spirits lift.
Will you be my Valentine?

My love for you is honestly sweet,
I would never ever on you cheat.
Love for me is very precious,
making my smile infectious.
Will you be my Valentine?

Love for me is very gentle,
It's healing it is very sentimental.
Sometimes your leaving me I fear,
at home ...

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As the sun rises every day spreading its warmth and light,
build your character every day with good thoughts, attitude, deeds and forsight.
Like the sun your warmth will spread to all creatures small and great,
people will come to you thinking you are God's messenger or saint.

It is said that god helps those who help themselves,
sometimes god wants you to help less fortunate selves.
For them you become a becon of light,
to solve their problems without a sigh or fright.

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