Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean Poems

81. (e) 1 (Dark) The Night's Highway 11/18/2006
82. (b) 4 (Pain/Longing) Wish You Had Let Me 12/4/2006
83. (n) 1 (Ballad) The Mermaid (Part I) 8/26/2006
84. (c) 8 (Life/Philosophy) Open 3/21/2007
85. (b) 5 (Pain/Longing) Goodbye....And Let The Wind Blow. 1/9/2007
86. (b) 25 (Pain/Longing) Like A Dead Body 1/10/2007
87. (f) 5 (Haiku) Color Triku 9/21/2006
88. (god) Exhumed 5/3/2007
89. (sufiyana) Mera Maula 5/3/2007
90. (haiku) Pellet 5/6/2007
91. (a) 56 (Love/Passion) You....My Light 2/7/2007
92. (a) 51 (Love/Passion) Return Gift 2/12/2007
93. (-) 3 (My Love) Love-Haiku 7/10/2007
94. (love/Passion) Drown In The Dream 6/27/2007
95. (a) 34 (Love/Passion) The Melting Ice 12/17/2006
96. (a) 57 (Love/Passion) I Just Want To Keep Looking At You 6/7/2007
97. (c) 9 (Life/Philosophy) Throw 3/21/2007
98. (c) 14 (Life/Philosophy) The Powerful Key 3/21/2007
99. (o) 18 (Bilingual) Dabe Paanv/Tiptoeing 4/11/2007
100. (e) 2 (Dark) The Abyss Beckons 1/14/2007
101. (c) 24 (Life/Philosophy) Forget It! ! ! 10/12/2006
102. (j) 3 (General) When We Dream.... 9/13/2006
103. (a) 39 (Love/Passion) Dream Blessings 12/26/2006
104. (c) 30 (Life/Philosophy) Thought And Thinker 8/31/2006
105. (n) 1 (Ballad) The Mermaid (Part Iv) 8/30/2006
106. (i) 7 (Angst) The Hindu Contrast 1/25/2007
107. (j) 18 (General) In The Mind Of A Man 2/21/2007
108. (a) 50 (Love/Passion) Our Embrace Divine 2/10/2007
109. (a) 42 (Love/Passion) Drunk 8/24/2006
110. (q) 5 (Song) Won'T You Baby? ! 6/3/2007
111. (d) 8 (Nature) Eagle Eyes 10/13/2006
112. (j) 4 (General) An Intense Desire 1/31/2007
113. (j) 17 (General) They Emerge 9/3/2006
114. (n) 3 (Ballad) The Mermaid (Part Iii) 8/29/2006
115. (h) 2 (Dedications) From The Life Of An Indian Village Woman-2 12/1/2006
116. (c) 32 (Life/Philosophy) A New World 12/10/2006
117. (h) 4 (Dedication) She Is A Woman 12/18/2006
118. (a) 22 (Love/Passion) Weave Me Into You 9/19/2006
119. (a) 35(Love/Passion) What Do I Cherish More 12/9/2006
120. (a) 5 (Love/Passion) When, Oh When 12/6/2006

Comments about Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

  • Sofia Kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou (9/23/2015 9:36:00 AM)

    A very beautiful poem! Well-penned!

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  • Wahab Abdul Wahab Abdul (11/4/2013 6:11:00 AM)

    welcome to be a popular member poet on this esteemed poetry site from india...and congratulation too for your being one.. thanks for sharing your poems also..

  • Kee Thampi (4/3/2008 12:55:00 AM)

    a poet elate with conjure of new waves....
    My eyeballs freeze in my sockets
    My skin has turned to stone
    But my thoughts are still humming
    The sound reaching a crescendo

    Where are you?

    I grope for your hand
    Touch your fingers to mine
    Hold my body close to thine

  • Preeti - is here! (9/18/2006 1:43:00 AM)

    TO has been a mentor and a guide. Her poems smell of love, emotions and mystique.

    Don't let her peoms get to you, you'll be glued on to them, me!

    And I'm glad to be glued :)

    Keep writing and being the strong, independent lady that you are, you're the Sushmita Sen on PH, for various reasons.


  • Catastrophe King (9/4/2006 12:14:00 PM)

    Tranquil Ocean.... you think you know so much about the ocean and its vastness. The mystery combined with some style created by her odes here are incomparable. She defeats the strifes in life with her power of the words. she impresses and drives the mind to thinking deep. I have had response poems to many of her love poems uploaded in my poem-bank but none match her class. I feel like fighting for a toy with her - there is something very mysterious about her writings and the compositions are mind-blowing...... I mean, she is awesome! !

Best Poem of Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

Here Are My Eyes

Here are my eyes
Drown them in yours...

Here are my lips
Eclipse them with yours...

Here is my skin
Dissolve it in yours...

Here is my heart
Unite it with yours...

Here are my dreams
Suffuse them with yours...

Here are my hopes
Fulfill them with yours...

Here are my thoughts
Enervate them with yours...

Here is my soul
Possess it with yours...

Here is my spirit
Elevate it with yours....

Here is my life
Fill it with yours....

Heres Me...
Yours, yours, yours....

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(p) 14 (Sufiyana) Fana

Footprints disappear at the Ocean's edge
Stars disappear when Sun glides in
Water is vivid blue in daylight
And dark as wine in the night
Stones dissolve and become a river bed
Grapes dissolve into wine or is it its blood?
Wheat turns into dough and then bread
A candle becomes entirely flame

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