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Biography of renu Vig sharma sharma

Renu Vig is from Mumbai. She passed her masters in law from Mumbai university She is married.She loves writing poetry and would love to hear comments from the viewers She has read many poems written by Rabindranath Tagore and inspired by his poems on nature and emotions, love. She likes his poem' mega aaye tapur tapur'., Updates

Rose Petals

</>Rose petals are so soft to touch,
rose petalsfragrance is so divine to smell,
rose petals are like lovely lips which smile,
rose petals are given to lady love,
rose petals are spread on bed of newly bride,
rose petals are life of butterflies,
rose petals are used for beauty baths,
rpse petals are offered on the lotus feet of god,
rose petals are placed on grave of dear ones,

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