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renu Vig sharma sharma Poems

1. The Rhino Of India 10/20/2011
2. Criss Cross Lanes On High Hills 10/27/2011
3. One Clan Left, Another I Met 11/1/2011
4. The Deserted River 11/1/2011
5. The Voice 11/4/2011
6. The Star Foretell 11/6/2011
7. A Poetry = A Poet + Try 11/6/2011
8. Pebbles 11/3/2011
9. A Family 11/3/2011
10. Mother 11/26/2011
11. Ray Of Hope 2/28/2012
12. Kindness 3/26/2012
13. When I Was A Little Girl 3/4/2012
14. The Morning Song 11/4/2011
15. The Divine Love 11/22/2011
16. Life Is Uncertain, Death Is But Certain 10/18/2011
17. The Royal Tiger Of India 10/20/2011
18. The Mango Tree In My Backyard 11/1/2011
19. The Majestic Himalayas Of India 10/20/2011
20. Two Sisters And The Man 11/22/2011
21. Lovestory Of A White Man And A Brown Woman 12/5/2011
22. Bees And The Boys 11/22/2011
23. What A Beautiful Place Is This World 12/19/2011
24. Rose Petals 10/30/2011
25. Smile 11/23/2011
26. The Mirror 9/12/2011
27. The Princess And The Saint 11/28/2011
Best Poem of renu Vig sharma sharma

The Princess And The Saint

There was a princess lived long ago,
beautiful bold she was so,
brimming with pride all the time
she went to forest to hunt an animal of any kind,
armed with bow and arrow and pride to show,
she ventured in woods and searched for a hunt alone,
many days passed she could not find one,
one morning she saw a little fawn grazing in a farm,
she aimed the arrow and it struck around fawn; s neck,
terrified the fawn ran fast but fell,
drenched in the pool of blood and pain
the passer by saint saw the pain of the little one,
took in his lap and gave few ...

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The Deserted River

THE river is complete nude,
no water or a stream,
no birds which flies around,
no beast animal visit to quench its thirst,
the boat half sank in the sand,
the boater left the bank,
the edges of river disappered,
no soul around,
the river is deserted till miles,

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