Reshad Scott

Biography of Reshad Scott

I grew up in a family of five. The youngest of two siblings and supposively the smartest out of all two. I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing competitive sports and games. I love fishing, my main hobby as for I wish I could do it everyday. I live with both biological parents since birth. Working on my future as of going to college. Currently 18 and wanting to be an Artist. Updates

Feeling Of Regret

How can one live...
knowing that he or she is thinking about their past,
All the missed opportunities and doors to happiness,
Trying to make up ways to repair the anger they endure
Only to find pain and suffering from the opportunities that emerge,
Your decisions determine your fate
Just as your fate determines your decisions,
Living in regret can cause you to miss the important things in life,
Things like family, friends, and even the world,