Reuben Masedi

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Biography of Reuben Masedi

A South African
Based in Limpopo
One of Nine Provinces
Work as a government communicator
In Polokwane
Capital of Limpopo
Home is Tzaneen
One of the major towns
Of Limpopo
I love literature
I read all
Poetry, Prose and Drama
Write mainly poetry
Working on a novel
An anthology of short stories
I am getting familiar
With South African literature
Available now that we are free
Though book stores stock Europe and America
Little or no South Africa or Africa
Public libraries too
Its like we are in America or Europe
Hope to change it
Through my writing
And advocay

Reuben Masedi's Works:

None Updates


When Nelson Mandela took leave
In a chariot of fire
To the World Yonder
You could hear the world heave

The world's fears
Turned to tears
The world was crying
Reconciliation was frying

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