Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson

Rookie (January 31st / Hollywood, CA)

Biography of Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson

Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson poet

xperienced severe mental, physical and sexual abuse. In 1998, she started therapy for intense PTSD and a dissociative disorder, which helped save her life and open the doors to her creative voices.

Although she just started writing 3 years ago, she has already established a prestigious resume':

Her book, 'Out of Cullen Street (A House of Madness) ', is available at, and her poetry has been published in anthologies and magazines around the world. For example: The Taj Mahal Review (multiple editions) , 'Symphonies', 'A Ferment of Images', 'Explorers', (all published by in India) , The People's Poet (UK) (x2) , 'The Light' magazine, 'Lemming' (Canada) , Poetry in Wartime, Emerging Visions, and more.

One of her poems (from her book) , 'Like a Rock', recently won first prize out of over 15,000 international entries, at

Another of her poems, 'Moon Majesty', was just published by, and received an Honorable Mention from, Sol Magazine.

She has received the President's Certificate of Literary Excellence, International Poetry Award of Excellence, has been included in the International Who's Who in Poetry, and named an International Poet of Merit.

She is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Taj Mahal Review, a member of the New Mexico State Poetry Society, and the Academy of American Poets.

This spring, she wrote all the poetry and articles for the 2006-2007 Española Valley Visitors' Guide, (New Mexico) .

She is a founding member of the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial Project in Washington, D.C., and the Rosa Parks Wall of Tolerance, a prominent feature of the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Alabama.

Rev. Hudson states: 'My poetry's purpose is to contribute a new perspective, both serious and humorous, to help change/heal the mind of the world, such that we 'change our minds & keep the change'.'

In addition to singing with the University of New Mexico, Valencia Campus Chorale Ensemble and the Albuquerque Symphony Adult Choir, Rev. Hudson is a minister with Universal Ministries, certified peer counselor for the mentally ill, and a paraprofessional crisis/suicide line volunteer.

She and her husband of twenty-eight years, John, live in Los Lunas, New Mexico. They have three children, four grandchildren, five cats and three dogs.

Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson's Works:

'Out of Cullen Street (A House of Madness) '
(Available at: http: // Updates

Wading Thru New Orleans

Mothers & fathers crying,
Young and old lie dying
Those left behind still trying
To find their way back home

-How can they start
To rebuild their lives-

Waters deep & rising

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