Rev. Surujlall Motilall

Rookie (22nd May,1952 / Georgetown, Co-operative Republic of GUYANA)

Biography of Rev. Surujlall Motilall

Reverend Surujlall Motilall, was born on the 22nd May,1952, at Plantation Wales Sugar Estate Ltd,
on the West Bank of the Demerara River, Republic
of Guyana, a former British colony of South-America.

His late father, Motilall Ramlall, was born in Netherlands Guiana, now Republic of Suriname and
his late mother, was from British Guiana, now Republic of Guyana.

He is the sixth child in a family of seven children, with two other brothers and four sisters (all now
deceased) .

He was educated at the Wales government primary school, Patentia government secondary school, Guyana commerce and business training college and the Kuru-Kuru co-operative college.

He also served his native country in the Para-military National Service stint at kimbia’s training centre.

In 1969, he was converted and became a born again Christian, while attending the Patentia Christian Brethren Church.

He later pursued studies in theology, at the Guyana Bible College, Guyana Baptist Mission, Back to the Bible Broadcast in Jamaica, Emmaus Bible School in USA, Source of Light Mission in USA, Source of Light School in USA and Light of Life Mission in USA.

He is a registered member at the Caribbean Conference of Churches in Barbados, International Missionary Fellowship and the Unveiled Field Mission in the USA.

In 1972, he got married to Miss Rehana Dataram, who bore for him two sons and one daughter, before her death in June,1983, in Suriname.

In 1977, he migrated to his father’s native country, Suriname, in pursuit of his Netherlands status and a higher Dutch technical education in Hydrological Engineering.

During his five years of stay in Suriname, he worked as a general building construction foreman, for the Bouwbedrijf van Kessel civil-engineering company there.

In 1982, he took up permanent residence in the Netherlands, as a foreign born ethnic-Dutch citizen, where he pursued his technical studies in the field of Hydrological engineering, at the MIRLO technical institute.

With such a capacity to his technical skills and education, he served and worked as a civil-engineer with Lymbouw Bouwbedrijf in the district of Breda-Holland.

After the fatal death of his wife in 1983, he got re-married to Miss Lilawattie Devi Singh, who bore for him another daughter.

In 1994, Rev. S. Motilall founded the Caribbean Outlook Foundation, Inc., which is based in the Netherlands with affiliates in Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and with intention to pervade other Caribbean member states countries.

That same year, his newly established Foundation, hosted the presence of the Guyanese Executive President, the late Dr. Cheddi B. Jagan and the former President of Guyana, His Excellency Bharrat Jagdeo, who was junior minister of finance then.

Both distinguished political leaders of Guyana, praised Rev. S. Motilall, as an outstanding citizen, not only for serving his native country in the National Service but also as an exemplary poet, writer of the Caribbean and as a Dutch trained, qualified, oriented and technically skilled hydrological-engineer.

Reverend Surujlall Motilall, is also free-lancing journalism, writing for many international news-papers in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands.

As author of this book, “Humans’ Life Circles”, the Reverend has recently completed another book, entitled “Progress means Success” and is currently in writing of another one, entitled “Silent is not Consent or a Contempt” and is endeavouring more of his skills and knowledge in creative writings and innovating ways and means in combating and eliminating the menace of floods, droughts and garbage disposals in the Caribbean.

In addition, his motives are to assist in the elimination and the alleviation of poverty at all levels.

Rev. Surujlall Motilall's Works:

The cover: -

Is a profile of selective and meaningful flags, which embraces mostly the British and the Dutch, present and former Commonwealth colonies and countries of the Caribbean.

It is a profile, which highlights Education, Communication and Information as integral aspects of human values and sustainable development.

The significance in combining and articulating the existence of nations and organiza-tions, is to give a concise pictorial understanding and awareness, of the need for nations to work closely together towards the well-being and common survival and existence of humanity.

It is a symbolic emblem of unity amongst nations, which enables them to rise from a needy base to a successful peak, thereby displaying the harmonious way to survive in our earthly planet, which is the only key for humans to live in peace and harmony.

Like the serpent lifted up in the wilderness, we look into the future with sublime faith and great hope and with our arrows and spears we shield and protect our mother earth from self-destruction and disaster, thereby ensuring a future for generations to come.


In this book, “Human’s Life-Circle”, are collections of selective creative-writings, composed by Reverend Surujlall Motilall.

It gives a concise illustration of human sufferings, existence and endurance to daily life.

They are quite emotional and sensational and the author has expressed in his own briefings, of his personal and moral outreach with experiences that gives him the values of inspiration and to which he is quite transparent towards morality and poverty.

With a sound and in debit knowledge, as humans with cohesion and adoration for each other, we must evaluate the concept of expression by words, which consists of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, given by God only.

We have to live, to dwell, to strive, to survive, to exist and most of all to integrate ourselves, socially and morally with each other.

Whether dead or alive, we need each other desperately, either by exploitation, suppression, manipulation, etc.

We cannot live or survive or exist without each other.

God created us as humans with one image to walk and work for and with each other.

Let it be known that we will be richly blessed as we care, even for the shortest while, for others whether in good health, in sound wealth, in weakness, in sickness or in disaster.

Let us give life the vision and the chance it deserves, as it embraces us equally and maturely as one fellow human family.

The “emblem of survival” on the design of the cover of this book, signifies unity among nations, standing with outstretched arms, to reach out and to welcome any positive outcome of enhancement towards the existence and survival of humanity.

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