Rex Islam

Rookie (July8,1981 / Badalgachi, Naogaon, Bangladesh)

Biography of Rex Islam

There is nothing of much importance to mention about the history of my life, which can be identified as something significant or mentionable. The fate had dropped me in such an environment from where life seemed to be much struggling and it’s really hard to be encouraged, and continue this state of life but until now by the mercy of the Great Creator, my life seems to be still existing. I was born in the rare village of an unknown part of the world that might not be acknowledged to anyone, which is known to be Badalgachi in the district of Naogaon, Bangladesh. Later my family had shifted to Dhaka where I was brought up, and been educated. At present I am studying M.A at the University of Rajshahi, where most of the local people are uneducated; even the most intellectual personages belong to the same narrow thinking and taste. Although I am in a great enthusiastic situation to master the English language to convey my messages to the world since this language is well-known over the whole earth, but it became impossible to fulfill my wishes. I am expecting of my readers to inquire my works with forgiveness as I do not belong to the sect of the English natives, and my language is much poorer though very often my thoughts might prove to be much nobler and thus enriched. Thank you all for showing interest in me, and hoping for your best support and wishes as I might be able to put down my thoughts and imaginations through using a unique style of the language in the near future.


Now read an essay which I wrote a few years back...

The Successful Writer

A lot of qualities are of significance to be acquired if you want to be a successful writer such as Shakespeare, Homer, Hemmingway, and Dickens etc. To be a successful writer, a person should bear some qualities to make his or her art of writing pleasantly and creatively. Let us think what it does mean “to be a successful writer”; it means how a person could be well above the average on writing the experiences and thoughts to a higher degree. He who has the ability to put down the incidents by means of words distinctly, arrogantly and persuasively and in a quite disciplined manner as on reading those works, people will desire for such writings. As I want to be a successful writer, I think a lot about how to be so, and what I would need to be a successful writer. The answers I could find both from my thoughts and the knowledge I have acquired from different sources are to come up in next passages.

Basically, you have to read a lot of successful writings, later on to write efficient writings understandingly. Reading will increase the vocabulary, and improve the power of expressing your thoughts in the same style. The more a person reads, the more he can learn. By reading successful writings, you will get ideas how the subjects have been elaborated, described or discussed; and with this enlightenment, you would be able to transmit your thoughts neatly in the same manner. It will surely extend your domain and stock of words; and with the understanding of style, you would be able to expand your thoughts in a disciplined and appropriate way, and further your expressions in appropriate words.

To be a successful writer, you have to write such writings that have the qualities of successful writings. For that, you must have to possess vigorous intelligence to muse upon things around you, and write those speculations clearly. Successful writings could easily be written from the events happening in front of us, they just need to be considered deeply and in different views from the general people, which they would not think normally. In addition, when you would be able to transmit these thoughts and observations in a convincing way, the writings will become realistic and attractive. People want to read realistic events and not fantasy or any balderdash. You have to infuse them with an unusually penetrative force which will drive your communication deep into the reader’s mind.

To write successful writings, you should choose such a subject that would not become petty to the readers because people do not want to read petty matters. People want to read the writings which they think are important, and which argue about the problems that worry them. So, you should choose such subjects which will draw attention, and feel to be of importance to the people, and then your writings will penetrate the reader’s mind. People would surely choose your writings for their reading, and it would be a great success for you. An addition of little erotica will increase the reader’s curiosity and a craving for that author’s work, and it would be more inviting to the readers.

As elegant presentation is one of the most important traits of the successful writings, you should write your impression interestingly and violently. The course of events should slide step by step, as it will start to influence the reader slowly. Your composition must be introduced to readers, as they get startled when they glide through the lines. If you can write paradoxical compositions, you would have more chance to be extra-ordinary from the others. It would be better if your sentence structures are non-periodic because it is more relaxed and conversational in effect. You should choice the appropriate words for the sentences which would be more expectable and rhythmic; and the writing must conclude in a satisfying manner.

Successful writing must be free from irrelevant elements. Irrelevant element means the point or the part not in accordance with the heart of the subject with which the writing deals. Suppose you are presenting a description of the sea, and in that writing, you add a part that describes a little pond, then this will be an irrelevant element with the context. You must stay with the subject, and not wander away into another matter, leaving the particular field. Besides, you should try to avoid jargons because now-a-days, technical or special words are expired. According to L. A. Hill, “It is best to write simply and in a conversational tone, clean, plain English is the fashion these days and an elaborate decorated style is quite out of date”.

Successful writings could be written from the event of which you have your own experiences. The matters argued on the basis of the secondary knowledge cannot put its depth into the reader’s mind; besides, you would not be able to write convincingly. If you write closely from your own real experiences, writings would be on the more explicit process to reach an opinion from the given facts. Personal experiences could make the events seem apparent and the writings skillfully presented with proper information; consequently, readers would trust the writing which would put great dominance on the reader’s mind. I think that would be a great support for you to be a successful writer.

To be a successful writer, you must have some fixed type of readers for your writings. Because of different stages or levels, people think differently; besides, all people might not be interested in a particular type of writing. So, you have to realize for whom your writings are meant to be. While you have written something for well-educated men, and if it is read by common people, they might not take it properly and not be able to find out its depth unless they have the power of perception to understand that particular writing. Then this would become a meal for an adult, the meal which is being fed to a baby, and the outcome would be an ultimate indigestion. That means, if people of a particular class read the writings that are written for another class of people, they might get wrong ideas or feelings of both the writings and the writer.

To conclude, you should bear a warm human understanding of people, their problems, their joys and sorrows, and your writings should be the product free from imaginary emotions, only then readers would read them widely and carefully. A piece of writing, which indicates the human existence, becomes much admirable and important as a piece to be read. People have their own life-styles, their tragedies, their actual problems which they face or which fall upon them. You must have to think enthusiastically, and an arrangement of proper integration of those thoughts must be properly enumerated. If you compose any thing without meditating deeply on any subject, that writing could become inexact, proving to be vague, and bear no demand at all. Finally, we can assume that your performance is surly to be successful as a successful writer only when you will just be able to present those incidents in a convincing way, and at the same time the performance will be a way-out for consolation. Otherwise, the author’s whole endeavours would turn into pest. Updates


O, divine state, I bend to you,
Surrender, I know what you can do;
Your creation is hard to presume,
Send your love to reach for the doom -
We out from the celestial life
Seem as if we are to be in strife
Not with the evil, but with the man:
An immense trial to make it banned
The words of love, the words of faith;

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