Rex mayor Ubini

Veteran Poet - 1,393 Points [Mayor] (March 8th,1984.)

Biography of Rex mayor Ubini

Rex Mayor Ubini, is a prolific writer, a poet, a dramatist, a website developer, an MME (Audio Mix & Master Engineer) and audio studio engineer.

His literary works are worthy of reading. He was published in a poetry article on December 8,2014; page 15 of The Union News Paper, Lagos. His poem " Adieu Maya Angelou" brought him to limelight among some Maya Angelou fans in US when its audio was aired in her tribute ceremony on June 7,2014.

Rex, has great vision to boost poetry appreciation in Africa at large. And had since kicked off the vision with platform. One of the best of Rex Mayor's quotes says:
" If you say you love me
without a reason to hate me,
then your love is not true.
Oh yes! Is not.
You only love the good side of me
without a recourse to the fact that I am human:
A being striving to touch the sky of perfection
yet is pulled down by the gravity of its very nature.

There must be some things
You so much hate about me;
which your love is strong enough to ignore,
that's when and only then your love is true." Updates

Set Me Free

I know why you kept me
Right in this beautiful cage
Not because you love me
As you daily do proclaim
But because you envy
How beautiful am made
If you surely love me
You will set me free
And smile when I leap

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