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41. Love For All 12/12/2011
42. Abject Solitude 12/12/2011
43. How Will I Love Thee 12/12/2011
44. Shyrene 1/5/2012
45. The Fruit On A Higher Branch 1/5/2012
46. Faith 1/5/2012
47. How Should I Spake To Thee? 1/5/2012
48. Reminiscing Under A Tree 1/5/2012
49. The Forgotten Glory 1/5/2012
50. I'M Back My Love 1/5/2012
51. Oceans Without Shores 1/5/2012
52. Love Sonnet 161: 'The Pulse Of Time That Quickens In Our Veins' 1/5/2012
53. Love Sonnet 160: 'When Love Remains As Figment Of Mere Dreams' 1/5/2012
54. Love Sonnet 159: 'You Left A Spectral Smile That Stalks My Mind' 1/5/2012
55. Dream On My Pillow 1/5/2012
56. Love Sonnet 162: 'When I Perchance, Did Glance Upon Your Face' 1/5/2012
57. Love Sonnet 155: 'You Built Me Up, Assured In Your Light's Glow' 1/5/2012
58. Love Sonnet 153: 'That Sultry Smile, Flaunts Of Sweet Vow To Keep' 1/5/2012
59. Love Sonnet 154: 'your Sweetness Calls To Me As Honey, Sweet ' 1/5/2012
60. O Rose Hear These 1/5/2012
61. Hope 1/5/2012
62. The Betrayed Soldier 1/5/2012
63. Love Sonnet 151: 'I Know Not Why A Rose Takes To The Rain' 1/5/2012
64. Love Sonnet 152: 'Pray, Tell Me, Why Creation Comes In Pairs' 1/5/2012
65. Love Sonnet 158: 'Your Breathe Has Spoke To Me As Though Of Breeze' 1/5/2012
66. Love Sonnet 164: 'O Rose, You Have Bloomed Rosier, Though Bitter' 1/17/2012
67. Love Sonnet 165 I'Ve Known That Victory A Winner Makes 1/17/2012
68. Love Sonnet 170: 'I Figured Out What Is Eternity' 2/5/2012
69. Love Sonnet 167: 'Black Smears My Days, It's All A Waste Of Night' 1/17/2012
70. Love Sonnet 168: 'Another Minute, Now Without You, Passed' 1/17/2012
71. Love Sonnet 01: 'First Love I Recall Now, And I Will Hence, ' 2/5/2012
72. Love Sonnet 02: 'This Is Your Day, So Special In A Way' 2/5/2012
73. Love Sonnet 171: 'Through Windows Dark, Show How Wildly It Rains' 2/5/2012
74. Sonnet 130-A 2/5/2012
75. Love Sonnet 03: My Love Is Kiss Of Pristine Morning Dew, 2/5/2012
76. Love Sonnet 04: 'soft Violins Are Playing In Your Voice ' 2/5/2012
77. Love Sonnet 169: 'I Now See Sadness On The Pristine Sand' 2/5/2012
78. Primal Light 2/20/2012
79. Nightfall 2/20/2012
80. Survival 2/20/2012

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  • Sue Chevalier (9/2/2012 7:18:00 PM)

    Great poem-I rated your poem a 10! Thanks for your compliment on my poem-just started uploaded my children's poems.

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Best Poem of Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Love Sonnet 222: 'When All The Joys Conspired To Leave Your Heart'

When all the joys conspired to leave your heart,
And turned all colors that you see to gray,
Your dreams dissolved, each one, its every part,
You were now strangers heading each your way;

That road that faded on a bend hid her,
You wished her figure reappears again,
Though not today, too soon, as so it were,
For even if wounds heal, you won't know when;

And yet, you know, amidst the wintry cold,
Half of the world is warm where hearts rejoice,
Where joy replaces glum, as often told,
And sorrow has to go without a choice;
.... In ...

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Shackled monster that lurks in every heart,
Of such ferocious guile yet ever found,
To smile the pain, deftly playing its part,
So docile and courtly until unbound.
With eyes, so green, and spiteful as it goes,
Deceitful of mien, posing meek as dove,
Able to thrive in ranks of friends and foes,
But scheming worst, by burning hearts that love.
Contained and yet, to rage wildest in some,

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