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81. Romeo 2/20/2012
82. Song To Celina 2/20/2012
83. Love Sonnet 06: How Will I Paint Your Smile, So Mystical, 2/20/2012
84. Love Sonnet 07: 'Our Glances Linger, To Consume Our Day' 2/20/2012
85. Love Sonnet 05: If I May Say, That Crimson Rose You Wear 2/20/2012
86. Decades 2/22/2012
87. Love Sonnet 09: 'How Sad, My Treasure Store Amounts To Nil' 2/22/2012
88. Love Sonnet 173: 'The Dawn, The Dawn, On Other Distant Shores, ' 2/26/2012
89. Love Sonnet 177: 'Count It My Pleasure To Behold Your Eyes' 3/23/2012
90. Said The Bird 4/2/2012
91. The Proposal 4/2/2012
92. Streets Of Life 4/2/2012
93. Hidden Love 4/2/2012
94. Lament Of The Unenlightened 4/2/2012
95. Love Sonnet 16: 'The Stars Are Countless, Shining In The Sky, ' 4/2/2012
96. The Other Side 4/2/2012
97. Love Sonnet 15: 'I Feel Love's Fires Now Smoldering, Intense' 4/2/2012
98. Love Sonnet 17: 'Your Charms, Your Charms, Are Figments Dreams Are Made, ' 4/2/2012
99. Pebbles 3/23/2012
100. The Dethroned 3/23/2012
101. Love Sonnet 12: 'Your Fancy Must Have Strayed In The Moonlight' 3/23/2012
102. Love Sonnet 14: 'My Love Comes Like The Early Summer Rain' 3/23/2012
103. Love Sonnet 11: 'Olympus, If By Chance, Be Where I Am' 3/23/2012
104. Last Journal Entry 3/6/2012
105. Love Sonnet 10: 'My Waking Hours Are Now Engulfed In Dreams' 3/6/2012
106. Love Sonnet 18: 'Humanity That Floods The Cobbled Street, ' 4/13/2012
107. Love Sonnet 185: 'My Love, Speak Not To Me Of Yesterday, ' 5/31/2012
108. Love Sonnet 22: 'How Soon Persephone Would Say Goodbye, ' 5/31/2012
109. Love Sonnet 36: ' My Love Is Much Like Gem Of Royal Crown' 6/25/2012
110. Love Sonnet 35: 'I Swear, Intoxicated, I Am Not, ' 6/25/2012
111. Love Sonnet 30: 'My Love, We Ventured Deep In Raging Storms' 6/25/2012
112. Love Sonnet 34: 'Dear Moon, Please Bring These Thoughts To Where She Is' 6/25/2012
113. Love Sonnet 39: 'Your Lips Are Shut, Betraying Not A Word' 6/25/2012
114. Love Sonnet 37: 'should Love Be Out Of Mind Once Out Of Sight? ' 6/25/2012
115. Love Sonnet 33: 'Another Bud Opens To Our Delight' 6/25/2012
116. Love Sonnet 32: 'How Do I Start This Journey To Your Heart? ' 6/25/2012
117. Love Sonnet 38: 'What Needs Perfection To Always Demand' 6/25/2012
118. Love Sonnet 40: 'sweet Butterfly, Please Guide Her Back To Me' 7/4/2012
119. Love Sonnet 41: 'If Dreams Are Strung From End To End Like String' 7/11/2012
120. Love Sonnet 25: 'Help, Hercules! An Eagle Tore A Part' 5/31/2012

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  • Sue Chevalier (9/2/2012 7:18:00 PM)

    Great poem-I rated your poem a 10! Thanks for your compliment on my poem-just started uploaded my children's poems.

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Best Poem of Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Love Sonnet 222: 'When All The Joys Conspired To Leave Your Heart'

When all the joys conspired to leave your heart,
And turned all colors that you see to gray,
Your dreams dissolved, each one, its every part,
You were now strangers heading each your way;

That road that faded on a bend hid her,
You wished her figure reappears again,
Though not today, too soon, as so it were,
For even if wounds heal, you won't know when;

And yet, you know, amidst the wintry cold,
Half of the world is warm where hearts rejoice,
Where joy replaces glum, as often told,
And sorrow has to go without a choice;
.... In ...

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Shackled monster that lurks in every heart,
Of such ferocious guile yet ever found,
To smile the pain, deftly playing its part,
So docile and courtly until unbound.
With eyes, so green, and spiteful as it goes,
Deceitful of mien, posing meek as dove,
Able to thrive in ranks of friends and foes,
But scheming worst, by burning hearts that love.
Contained and yet, to rage wildest in some,

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