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241. Love Sonnet 103: 'shall I Caress Soft Petals As Your Touch, ' 6/14/2013
242. Love Sonnet 119: 'You Made Ascent To High Thresholds Of Dreams, ' 8/19/2013
243. Love Sonnet: 'These Moments Merit Best Preservation' 8/18/2013
244. Love Sonnet 120: 'I Must Be Dreaming When You Called My Name, ' 8/21/2013
245. Love Sonnet 121: 'The Heavens Look So Awesome Where I Stand' 8/24/2013
246. Love Sonnet 122: 'How Soon Can You Stop Walking In My Dreams' 8/25/2013
247. Love Sonnet 114: 'I Waited In My Dream For You To Come, 8/7/2013
248. The Thinker 8/29/2013
249. Love Sonnet 124: 'You Left Me Clueless To Start My Pursuit' 8/30/2013
250. Love Sonnet 123: 'While Checking Remnants Of The Mirth That Fled' 8/30/2013
251. Love Sonnet 125: ' No Halo Hangs Above Your Flaxen Hair' 8/31/2013
252. False Paradise? 9/1/2013
253. Love Sonnet 126: 'Just How To Me, It Has Become Worthwhile' 9/5/2013
254. The Seed 9/5/2013
255. About When I Kissed A Girl 9/5/2013
256. Love Sonnet 128: 'strong Aural Presence Of Our Love Pervades' 9/8/2013
257. Love Sonnet 90: 'Deep Sorrows I, In Solitude Partake, ' 5/18/2013
258. Seed 9/13/2013
259. Love Sonnet 129: 'Midsummer Glow Illuminates Your Face, ' 9/14/2013
260. Love Sonnet 130: 'The Sun Has Settled Now Below The Waves' 9/15/2013
261. Love Sonnet 131: 'Oh Sadness......Recall Of My Lost Love Brings' 9/18/2013
262. Love Sonnet 132: 'At Times, When I, My Lowly State Assess' 9/18/2013
263. Love Sonnet 133: 'Things Won'T Be Seen If Far Too Small Or Large' 9/18/2013
264. Love Sonnet 134: 'she Comes Resplendent As The Morning Sky' 9/20/2013
265. Love Sonnet 110: 'When Pitch-Dark Night Lodged Complaints To The Sun, ' 7/23/2013
266. Love Sonnet 107: 'A Semblance To Your Aspect I Detect, ' 7/1/2013
267. Love Sonnet 111: 'This Heart Adores With Feelings True And Pure' 7/27/2013
268. Love Sonnet 112: 'such Flower Blooms Conspicuous In The Lea, ' 7/29/2013
269. Love Sonnet 108: 'My Love, You Must Know Of A Poem, Sweet, ' 7/7/2013
270. A Silly Fairytale 7/7/2013
271. Love Sonnet 115: 'The Scent Of Your Embrace Was Left Behind' 8/8/2013
272. Love Sonnet 116: 'I Watched Some Clouds The Way We Used To Do, ' 8/10/2013
273. Love Sonnet 137: 'Just As Your Face To Bad Weather Aligned' 10/8/2013
274. Love Sonnet 139: 'The Call Of Love Has Dinned Within My Eyes' 10/8/2013
275. Love Sonnet 140: 'Please Talk To Me, Not With A Scented Sigh' 10/8/2013
276. Love Sonnet 138: 'Of Sweet Moments We Want Remembrances' 10/8/2013
277. Into The Night 10/8/2013
278. Love Sonnet 141: 'seems Aphrodite Lavished You With Charms' 10/8/2013
279. Love Sonnet 142: 'To Search In Earnest For Things I Lack' 10/9/2013
280. Love Sonnet 189: 'show Me A Rose More Fair Than What I Have' 10/12/2013

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  • Sue Chevalier (9/2/2012 7:18:00 PM)

    Great poem-I rated your poem a 10! Thanks for your compliment on my poem-just started uploaded my children's poems.

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Best Poem of Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Love Sonnet 222: 'When All The Joys Conspired To Leave Your Heart'

When all the joys conspired to leave your heart,
And turned all colors that you see to gray,
Your dreams dissolved, each one, its every part,
You were now strangers heading each your way;

That road that faded on a bend hid her,
You wished her figure reappears again,
Though not today, too soon, as so it were,
For even if wounds heal, you won't know when;

And yet, you know, amidst the wintry cold,
Half of the world is warm where hearts rejoice,
Where joy replaces glum, as often told,
And sorrow has to go without a choice;
.... In ...

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Sonnet 2000

My wits beclouded, being spammed by grief,
With hopes deleted, I no longer dreamed,
As sorrow hacked my joys, then fled like thief,
And made me browse for smiles, that you once beamed:
As loneliness encrypts, my heart would hang,
Much malwares now, my memory has stashed,
Farewell to files, to songs that I once sang,
For deep within, I felt my soul has crashed:
Might I reboot, to better times restore,

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