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281. Love Sonnet 191: 'The Stars Must Have Been Falling From The Sky' 10/18/2013
282. Love Sonnet 190: 'Enclosed And Trapped By Night, I Cringed Then Wept' 10/14/2013
283. Love Sonnet 194: 'You Kindled Hot A Fire Inside Of Me' 11/5/2013
284. Love Sonnet 193: 'One Tenet Of My Life Goes To Proclaim' 11/5/2013
285. Marie 12/12/2013
286. Live On Cagreca 12/16/2013
287. Love Sonnet 197: 'Her Songs Of Love Are Just As What Were Known' 1/8/2014
288. Love Sonnet 203: 'When I, The Passing Night Would Now Review' 2/4/2014
289. Love Sonnet 202: 'How I Sought Sleep To Ward Off Thoughts Of You' 2/5/2014
290. Life 2/7/2014
291. Love Sonnet 204: 'Across Dark Thresholds Sleep My Dormant Dreams' 2/10/2014
292. Uhreca 2/17/2014
293. Legacy 2/17/2014
294. Love Sonnet 205: 'Oh Rose, In Which Sweetness Evolve My Dreams' 2/18/2014
295. Love Sonnet 206: 'My Rhymes Now Fill With Mostly Raving Words' 2/26/2014
296. Love Sonnet 199: 'Love Dances In The Glitter Of Her Smile' 1/21/2014
297. Love Sonnet 200: 'Love Calls From Lips Not Even Known Before' 1/28/2014
298. Love Sonnet 201: 'The Lines She Wrote Still Linger In My Mind' 1/28/2014
299. Soulmates 3/11/2014
300. The Loss 3/11/2014
301. The Regret 3/11/2014
302. First Night 3/11/2014
303. Double Curse 3/12/2014
304. The River 3/12/2014
305. Love Sonnet 127: ' As Raindrops Pat So Mildly On My Hair' 3/17/2014
306. Love Sonnet 207: 'The Eastern Gleam Of Daybreak Streaks The Skies' 3/27/2014
307. Nanny Anne 3/29/2014
308. Quasimodo 3/29/2014
309. Robin Hood 3/29/2014
310. Where Heroes Fought 3/29/2014
311. My Spanish Girl 3/29/2014
312. I Asked A Fool 3/30/2014
313. As I Watch Lovers Walk By 3/30/2014
314. Girl Named Susan 3/30/2014
315. Ode On A Toothpick 3/30/2014
316. Ode On The Grass (Circa 2000) 3/30/2014
317. The Sun Of Carolus 3/30/2014
318. Soldier Of Misfortune 3/29/2014
319. Sue In The Boondocks 3/29/2014
320. Chastity Belts 3/29/2014
Best Poem of Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Love Sonnet 222: 'When All The Joys Conspired To Leave Your Heart'

When all the joys conspired to leave your heart,
And turned all colors that you see to gray,
Your dreams dissolved, each one, its every part,
You were now strangers heading each your way;

That road that faded on a bend hid her,
You wished her figure reappears again,
Though not today, too soon, as so it were,
For even if wounds heal, you won't know when;

And yet, you know, amidst the wintry cold,
Half of the world is warm where hearts rejoice,
Where joy replaces glum, as often told,
And sorrow has to go without a choice;
.... In ...

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As darkness looms so thick, a solid wall,
Which held the night hostage, it failed to dawn,
The heart sinks deeper, reeling from the fall,
Adversity, obliges it to spawn;
The noisy accolades of glories tease,
Now, muted down to murmurs of regret,
No laurels on the head, just memories,
Some vestiges a few did not forget;
A hero cast aside so slovenly

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