Reza Ghatok

Rookie - 20 Points (21 April 1970 / Nirth Baniary, Nazirpur, Pirojpur, Bangladesh)

Biography of Reza Ghatok

Born on 21 April 1970 in Pirojpur, Reza Ghatok worked in research before publishing his story collection Buno Baleshwori (The Innocent Goddess) . After a promising start in the short story in 2008, he is gaining experience that would later influence his distinctively stripped-down prose style. He received his MSS in economics from Dhaka University. After freelancing with many organizations in research for fifteen years, he then joined to his friend for filmmaking.

Soon after the publication of his story collection Sonar Kongkaal (The Golden Death) and Sadhusongho (The Third Home) , he wrote his first novel Maa (Mother) , basis of the history of Bangladesh seen by the eyes of a young boy, and told by an old woman. Readers can discover almost seventy years history of Bangladesh from the 2nd World War to twenty first century including social and economical contexts, geo-political changes of this land as well as cultural rhythms and local humors. A 70 years old widow named Chhuti discovered those untold stories as well as historical events from his missing son Ishan's dairies. The novel skillfully conveys the irony of wartime struggles and end with plot twists that Ishan left the family because his girl friend couldn’t be accepted by his family members. This is a deft mix of history, memoir, fiction and mysteries.

He is a published writer with 12 titles i.e. six of them are collection of short stories, three of them are juvenile stories, one is novel, one is biography of the great leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and one is essay and critic. Now he is writing his 2nd and 3rd novel, which is also publishing at two online literary magazines as a serial and will be published as book format soon.

In addition to writing and filmmaking, he is a regular contributor to national dailies and online journals as well as social media network. He currently resides in Dhaka. He can be contacted at info (at) rezaghatok (dot) com.

Reza Ghatok's Works:

1. MAA (Mother)
a Novel by Reza Ghatok
Published by Al-Amin Prokashon in February 2012
Cover: Reza Ghatok
ISBN: 978-984-33-1112-8.
Price: BDT.250.00 US $ 15.00

2. Sadhusongho (The Third Home)
a collection of Short Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Al-Amin Prokashon in February 2011
Cover Designed by Michelangelo's Moses (centre)
with Rachel and Leah on his sides...
ISBN: 978-984-33-1094-6. Price: BDT.140.00 US $ 12.00

3. Shunyo Dashomik Shunyo
a collection of writing style by Reza Ghatok
Published by Al-Amin Prokashon in February 2011
Cover: Antonio Canova's statue Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss
ISBN: 978-984-33-1081-5. Price: BDT.180.00 US $ 15.00

4. Goppo Toppo Na Sotti
a collection of Nursery Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Joyotee Publications in February 2011
Cover designed by Kibria Shahin
ISBN: 978-984-8995-12-9. Price: BDT.100.00 US $ 10.00

5. Sonar Kongkal (The Golden Death)
a collection of Short Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Biborton Prokashon in February 2010
Cover Painting: Jhontu Yogi
ISBN: 978-984-33-1092-12. Price: BDT.125.00 or US $ 10.00

6. Buno Baleshwori (The Innocent Goddess)
a collection of Short Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Pathsutro in February 2008
Cover designed: Mobassir Alam Mazumder

7. Bhoomiputra (The Son of Earth)
a collection of Short Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Anyaprokash in February 2013
Cover designed: Charu Pintu

8. Panchabhooteshu
a collection of Short Stories by Reza Ghatok
Published by Chhayabithi Prokashon in February 2014
Cover designed: Alfred Khokon

9. Mujib The Great
a short biography of Great Bengal leader Sheikh Mujib by Reza Ghatok
Published by Troyee Prokashon in February 2015
Cover designed: Reza Ghatok Updates

বাস্তিল দুর্গ

কে ওখানে? - কোথায়? - কাঁঠালবাগান।
একটি ঘর- একটা দরজা, একটা জানালা, একটা ঘুলঘুলি;
কে থাকে ওখানে? - কোথায়? - বিচ্ছিন্নপুর।
একটা রশ্মিতে হাঁটু পর্যন্ত ভাঁজানো একটা প্যান্ট ঝুলছে,
তারপাশে সদ্য ঝোলানো একটা ফ্যাট জিন্স, একটা স্কাই চেক
হাফ শার্ট, কয়েকটা ফাঁকা হ্যাঙার তার মধ্যে একটা টি-শার্ট উল্টো করা,
পাশে একটা লাল রুমাল, একটা অফ-হোয়াইট টি-শার্ট উল্টানো, পাশেই
একটা তোয়ালে ঝুলছে তো ঝুলছে- কার জন্য? এবং কেন?

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