Rhiscx The Seventh Avenger

Rookie [Champion of the Wronged] (07-07-1995 / Here)

Biography of Rhiscx The Seventh Avenger

This is the resurrected Rhiscx The Final Burden. After many months of near death, I have returned to unleash countless more works. My mind is full of new darkness waiting to be expressed. Be warned those of non-strengthened minds, my new thoughts are more abyssal than ever before. Those who remember, shall soon forget the old Rhiscx. I am still sane, just with a twist of insanity. Remember the fallen.

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A Madman's Verdict

Testing testing hello 1..2..3
Hey you, yeah can you hear me?

Sorry, just getting used to the evil
Hurts my chords, tastes like diesel

Now let’s begin, we haven’t much time
Hey turn around, you must finish my crime!

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