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I have lived in Michigan my whole life. I come from a large family. I have been married for over 20 years. I make my living as a glass artist working with hot glass(blowing glass) . I was an avid writer in school, but got away from it, Until one day I had an opportunity to express myself, and not be judged. To say in words and glass how I see and feel life. So in the fall of 2007 I started to write again. If you need know anything else about me, read my works. Don't be taken in by the titles there is more there then a day or a season, there is a part of me.

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The Fourth

Independence day, a day to celebrate freedom; in all of it's glory
To remember our country's long long story
A day to be with our family and friends
To forget about work and all of life trends
To just sit back, like an old hound dog
Or like my Mom would say ' a bump on a log'
To sit in the sun and while away the day
To be like a child and simply play
Free to do just as you please

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